Emmerdale SPOILERS: 9-15 September

Next week in Emmerdale, Debbie gets desperate for cash, Vanessa has a plan and Aaron is worried about Liv.

David heads out on a last minute job as everyone gathers in the shop to celebrate Tracy’s birthday. When he returns to the village he finds a drunken sorrowful Leyla plonked in a puddle of oil and wallowing about not having enough money to pay the designer for the wedding dress she ruined.

Pained to see her at rock bottom, he offers to help Leyla out of her financial predicament and she accepts. He returns to Tracy’s party and breaks the news publicly that they won’t be going on holiday, as he’s just given Leyla the money.

David hopes she’ll understand they are helping a friend, however Tracy is gutted. Could this be the end of David and Tracy, or could he win her round again?

Finding Leyla alone and making a wish in the zen garden, Vanessa wonders if she’s wishing for David as she has a hunch that she has feelings for him. Despite Leyla denying it, in the Woolpack toilet later, Vanessa threatens to tell Tracy about Leyla’s feelings for David unaware Megan’s heard every word.

Megan confronts Leyla about what she heard but Leyla explains she was just wistful about being with someone as decent as David. As the ladies head on a night out, disinterested in being chatted up, Vanessa and Megan pretend to be a couple. But when Frank appears, trouble pursues.

Debbie can’t get a loan but refuses to tell Charity the truth about the insurance. Struggling to get cash, she explains to Ross how Graham’s boss wants to meet her at a hotel and she intends to get cash from him.

Ross worries about her meeting him alone and offers to accompany her. She refuses and later meets Graham in a hotel bar and he takes her upstairs to the penthouse to meet his boss.

Debbie mistakes the young, handsome, wealthy boss, Tom, for a butler and he enjoys playing along with this until she discovers who he actually is.

Despite the sexual tension between them will the meeting go according to plan? Will he give Ross a run for his money? Will Debbie’s head be turned? And will he be the answer to Debbie’s money woes?

After a spot of wallowing, Bernice decides to get back to dating and ends up having a date with David’s super-fan Scott, as Laurel and Nicola watch on. Could this be the beginning of a blossoming romance?

Later, Kerry turns up to the salon with Daz and convinces a reluctant Bernice to let him do the plumbing job. After carrying out the work successfully, Daz then sets to repair the tanning machine which results in Kerry and Bernice covered in false tan.

Meanwhile, Elliot find Daz’s knife in Hettie. How will Nicola react and will Dan come to his brother’s rescue or has Daz ruined his chances already? Will Daz reveal a secret?

Liv suddenly turns up at Mill Cottage as Aaron and Adam have a  lads night in. Aaron berates Liv for travelling alone without telling anyone but she has a go at him for not telling her he’s no longer with Robert.

Liv is dumbfounded when she hears about Rebecca’s pregnancy but she’s keen to get Robert and Aaron back together. Will Aaron listen to what she has to say?