Corrie SPOILERS: 16-22 September

Next week in Coronation Street, the day of Aidan’s wedding to Eva and Johnny’s wedding to Jenny has arrived. But will either of the Connor men end up tying the knot?

It’s also the week that sees the first extra episode air on Wednesday at 8.30pm. Corrie are kicking things off in fittingly spectacular style with the double wedding of Aidan, Eva, Jenny and Johnny.

The action packed week follows one of the most sensational stunt-filled weddings the cobbles have ever seen.

Just as Eva prepares to carry out her final act of revenge on her wedding day, Aidan finds her and confesses to his affair with Maria.

Eva decides to go ahead with the wedding, not knowing that Maria has snuck in and soon denouncing the wedding as a “sham”. But following Aidan’s confession, is Maria too late?

Still stuck in the hospital waiting for Rita’s test results, Johnny and Jenny finally make it to the wedding venue with moments to spare, on the back of motorbikes! But will Jenny want to go ahead without Rita there?

Rita finally learns about what is behind her memory loss and collapse, as the specialist delivers the news to her.

After inviting Will as her plus one to the wedding, Will is furious when he follows Michelle to the prison and realises she is visiting Robert. Returning to her car, Michelle is upset to find a white rose (her symbol of Ruauri) on the car bonnet.

Michelle confides in Will that she and Robert haven’t really split up and they’re only keeping up the pretence to try and put off their stalker. Can Will mask his fury?

In the Rovers, Will comforts her and hearing of the wedding dramas they decide to go back to his house for a drink. Alone in Will’s living room, Michelle’s shocked to stumble across a folder full of photos of herself and realises with horror that he’s her stalker. Suddenly realising that she’s in grave danger, she calls on an unlikely ally to help her!

Arriving at the radio station for the Mr & Mrs competition, Norris and Mary are greeted by Colin from Marketing. He makes a huge fuss of them insisting they have so much in common after discovering that Norris runs a newsagent. With all the contestants together for a photo shoot, Colin insists that Norris and Mary take centre stage.

Later, in the Rovers, Colin from Newsco approaches Norris and offers to buy the Kabin, but Norris is adamant it isn’t for sale.

Yasmeen hosts a mayoral campaign evening in the café and Sally’s speech focuses on health issues whilst Kirk tells jokes and talks about puppies. Kirk’s popularity is evident and Sally leaves crestfallen. Gina feels a pang of guilt as Tim tears a strip off her for promoting Kirk and undermining her own sister.

When Liz receives an email from Lenny the scammer, Rana suggests she should lure him on a date, quiz him about his scam and record the conversation. Having taken Rana’s advice, Liz sends Lenny a sexy selfie. They’re amused when he replies within seconds suggesting they meet up tonight.