Emmerdale SPOILERS: 16-22 September

Next week in Emmerdale, Liv’s life is in danger, Debbie has a date and Adam gets his hopes up!

Aaron walks Liv to the bus stop, insisting that she goes back to school however, still furious about the news of Rebecca’s pregnancy, when she sees Robert drive by she goes round to Home Farm and tells Rebecca that Robert hates her which he denies, calling her a liar.

While Robert assures Rebecca that she and he baby are his priority, Liv nicks his car keys and the bottle of brandy. Swigging from the bottle, Liv later passes out in a ditch by the side of the road and it’s only Robert realises that his car’s gone that he finds Liv by the side of the road.

With Liz lying unconscious in hospital, Robert calls Aaron and tells the doctors that she’s had diazepam as well as brandy. Anxiously waiting by Liv’a bedside, Aaron is seething when he finds out that the diazepam was Robert’s doing and threatens to kill him should Liv not pull through.

Meanwhile, Lachlan glowers to see Robert and Rebecca looking close and worries Robert only wants a way back into the business and soon it’s very obvious Lachlan’s concerns are well founded when Robert takes his plan further.

Ross is jealous when Debbie dresses up for her lunch date with Tom. As they talk business, he accepts her offer and disarms her by taking her for a lunch date.

By the end of the date, Debbie’s disappointed and unsure where she stands. After Charity teases her about Tom she storms out of the Woolpack.

Meanwhile Ross is feeling hurt and when he expresses his doubts about Tom to Debbie, she apologises for giving him the wrong idea. Later Debbie confides in Moira about Tom and Moira suggests she give him a chance after having a holiday.

After struggling with his eyesight, Finn and Victoria both encourage Aaron to get an appointment to get them looked at. As Victoria drives him to hospital, she admits she still cares for him which gives Adam some hope. Realising that she has missed a festival in order to look after him, the two share a kiss.

Whilst Finn’s excited at the possibility of Adam and Victoria getting back together max, Diane expresses both caution and encouragement on the situation which leaves Victoria pensive. Later Victoria asks to meet Adam but will it mean they are back together?

Rebecca continues to suggest Lawrence considers having an investor but he’s adamant he and the business can do without.

Later the doctor visits to take new bloods from Lawrence as there was a mix up with his last result and Lachlan is suspicious wondering if they could have been tampered with.

When a letter arrives from Ronnie in Brussels Lawrence’s hopes are raised but feeling hungover, he’s left in a state after reading Ronnie’s letter.

As Rebecca leaves to meet the potential investor, Robert offers to keep an eye on Lawrence who hits the bottle again and the two of them seem to bond over their woes.

A loved-up Nicola and Jimmy prepare for an afternoon together, but it doesn’t go to plan.

Arthur worries Gabby will be angry with him about the memory card being destroyed whilst she was away. How will she feel when she discovers the footage of her dad has gone?

Elsewhere, Pollard reminds Debbie the auction for his cottage Jacob’s Fold is nearing, there’s interest in Home Farm from an investor and Lydia gets a shock when she discovers Jimmy in fancy dress.