EastEnders SPOILERS: 30 September – 6 October

Next week in EastEnders, Carmel makes a worrying discovery, Mick and Linda return to Walford and Bex gets jealous of Sonia and Gethin.

Having been found unconscious, Stacey, Martin and Kush wait at the hospital, desperate for news of what happened to Arthur.

After a heart-to-heart between Martin and Kush, Kush heads home leaving Stacey and Martin alone. The doctor later reveals what they believe to have happened.

Left shaken by recent events, Carmel shares her fears with Kush who tells her not to upset Stacey. Despite offering to help Stacey with the children, Stacey soon realises that Carmel doesn’t trust her with Arthur.

When Stacey finally cracks, the two come to a head and Stacey breaks down, leaving Carmel to comfort her and the pair have a heart-to-heart and finally see eye-to-eye.

However, when Carmel is left with Arthur, she makes a worrying discovery. After sharing her concerns with Kush, she decides to take matters into her own hands. But will she regret the decision she makes?

When a man arrives on Sonia’s doorstep confronting her about an incident in Kettering, Mr Pryce steps in to send him away. Forced to admit the truth, Sonia worries about what others will think.

With Bex still infatuated with Mr Pryce, she’s jealous when she finds out that Sonia is meeting him at the café. After making one final attempt to reach out to him, but with no luck, Bex comes up with another plan and goes to the café with Shakil in an attempt to make Gethin jealous.

Noticing that she’s being ignored, Bex kisses a stunned Shakil. After Gethin tells Bex to stop, she is later devastated to watch Gethin and Sonia kiss.

With Sonia taken back by Bex’s attitude towards her and Gethin’s kiss, Michelle suggests she might have a crush on him herself. When confronted by Bex, Gethin apologises profusely for his behaviour and begs her to let the matter lie as he could lose his job or go to prison.

Not wanting to jeopardise her relationship with Bex, Sonia tells Gethin they shouldn’t see each other anymore.

After apologising for her recent behaviour, Gethin agrees to tutor her again, but is she being sincere?

Ahead of Mick and Linda return, Whitney and Woody prepare to say their goodbyes and Woody is surprised to learn that Linda is yet to tell Mick about cancer.

However, when Mick walks in on the two talking, Linda quickly covers by telling Mick that Woody has accepted their offer of the permanent bar manager role, much to Woody’s surprise.

Gutted to learn she missed Johnny’s graduation, Linda organises a surprise Graduation party for her son.

With Ben still torn over whether or not to accept The Arches, Phil turns to Kathy for advice and is given some home truths.

Michelle worries that Tom is stalking her after the Mitchells start receiving anonymous phone calls. And she grows unnerved when he sends her a creepy present, first a box of macarons which she bins, then a scarf she fears belonged to his wife and some perfume.

Johnny is worried to hear Ted could face five years in prison for shooting him and assures them he’s on their side.

Keanu finds work as a life model to earn extra cash and as he prepares for his first modelling session, he’s stunned when Ingrid arrives in the class. Inviting him over to Jack’s for a drink, the two start to kiss just as Jack arrives.

Elsewhere, the new Vicar, Irene, checks-in on Dot and the pair find themselves in an awkward conversation.

These scenes will air Monday 2nd October (8pm), Tuesday 3rd October (7:30pm), Thursday 5th October (7:30pm) and Friday 6th October (8pm) on BBC One