Emmerdale SPOILERS: 30 September – 6 October

Get ready for yet another unmissable week in Emmerdale as Emma Barton’s worst fears and worries come to the forefront.

At the start of the week, Bernice and Diane are shocked to hear from Gabby what Emma has confessed to and the extent of her behaviour. Together they head out to confront Emma immediately.

Acting very strangely, Emma heads to the Barton’s farm to confront Moira Barton over her feelings for James. Treading carefully with her answers, Moira comes to blows with Emma who doesn’t trust what she has to say.

As they fight, a pitchfork knocks out a light and soon the barn goes up in flames. As Moira realises what is happening, she panics and pleads to Emma for help.

Will Emma come to the rescue of her nemesis? Or will she leave Moira to die?

Spotting the flames, Adam and Victoria run to help out and when Adam sees Emma’s bloody hands, he chases after her with a gun. Emma however manages to get her hands on the weapon and runs through the woods before firing a shot in the dark leaving someone’s badly injured, but who?

Back by the barn, Victoria has called the paramedics for Moira. Will they arrive on time to save her? Death visits the Dales this week but whose time is up?

Tracy tries to convince the single villagers including Vanessa to attend singles night and as the fun night gets underway, Adam’s gutted to realise Victoria’s attending and confronts her about it.

The two end up kissing and Victoria tells Adam the mistakes they made are in the past and they declare their love for each other. Discussing their relationship, Cain and Harriet decide to get away from it all.

These scenes will air Monday 2nd October to Friday 6th October at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday 5th October at 8pm on ITV