Corrie SPOILERS: 7-13 October

Next week in Corrie, Shona’s past puts Max and Lily in danger, Rana’s confusion intensifies and Billy plays Robin Hood.

Shocked to learn that Shona plans to give £1000 from her scratch card win to Clayton’s dad Dane, David joins Shona as they go to meet him. When they refuse to hand over any money, Dane makes some vile remarks about Kylie.

With David seeing red, Shona has to break the two up. But as they load Max and Lily into the car ready for their trip, Dane hurtles across the street, jumps in and locks himself inside with the kids as David and Shona look on, horrified.

Sure their relationship is doomed, Shona walks out leaving a David shattered, but will the be able to find a way forward as they meet in the café for for a heart-to-heart later on in the week?

As she continues to try and hide her feelings for Kate, Rana makes a surprise announcement – that she’s ready to start a family with Zeedan. However when Zeedan says they should formalise and legalise their marriage at a registry office if they are going to start a family, Rana is torn.

With Imogen placing the blame on her and Kate having no future on Rana, Rana explains to Kate that she loves Zeedan but can’t stop thinking about her and was jealous of her and Imogen. How will Kate react?

Billy tells Todd that he thinks Adam should contribute to the factory girls’ fund, given that it’s his fault they’re out of work and out of pocket.

With Adam refusing to take the bail, Billy spots an envelope of cash on Adam’s desk and takes it. He divides the cash and pushes it through the letterboxes of Underworld’s employees. But Billy’s aghast when Todd points out that the £1000 belonged to Shona, not Adam.

With Summer sensing tension between Billy and Todd, the pair find themselves summoned to school after she accepts a dare from Amy and Asha.

When Johnny and Aidan see Alya and Beth taking delivery of a second-hand sewing machine, Johnny recognises it as one stolen from Underworld. They burst into Adam’s office and accuse him of stealing the factory’s machines after finding Adam’s business card at the place selling the equipment. Adam scoffs at their so-called proof but is quietly rattled that they are onto him.

Things go from bad to worse when Todd and Adam are arrested on suspicion of the factory robbery.

Phelan is stunned when Nicola tells him she is pregnant with Gary Windass’ baby. He has little time to take in the news however as he follows Daniel once more to the nursing home where he sees him give Mrs McArdle a birthday cake. But who is she and what does she mean to both Daniel and Phelan?

Meanwhile Daniel faces the wrath of Cindy’s husband who has been tipped off about their fling and Nicola seeks some answers from an old neighbour of her mum and dad.

Elsewhere, Mary’s looking forward to the arrival of Jude and the family but senses a coolness from Angie.

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