EastEnders SPOILERS: 7-13 October

Next week in EastEnders, Carmel apologises to Stacey, Linda comes clean to Mick and there’s good news for Jane.

With Stacey reeling from everything that has happened, Carmel feels guilty and allows her to spend time with Lily and Arthur. Whilst she apologises to Stacey for what’s happened between them, Carmel fails to admit she was the one who called social services. Kush confronts Carmel as she takes the children home, as he knows she made the call.

As both The Fowlers and Kazemis head to the hospital for Arthur’s appointment with the doctor and social worker, the doctor lets them know that they are not alarmed by Arthur’s bruises. With Arthur being given the all clear, Stacey is relieved to be reunited with her children.

As she gets the children settled back at home, Stacey is frustrated when the social worker checks in and reveals they will be conducting some further home visits.

Just as Stacey prepares for the social worker’s visit, her and Martin get a shock.

Demanding answers from Carmel, Kush gives Carmel an ultimatum. She can either tell Stacey she was responsible for calling social services, or he will. What will Carmel decide to do?

With Linda and Mick enjoying being back to normal, Woody notices that Linda is in pain and encourages her to tell Mick.

Admitting that the symptoms are the same as the once she had when she was diagnosed with cancer, Linda doesn’t want to tell Mick as it would ruin things between them again.

However with Linda acting strangely, Mick realises hat she’s unwell and she finally admits to him that she cancer and that she’s worried that it might have returned.

Struggling to process Linda’s bombshell, Mick realises that he needs to get her to see a doctor. When they return, he clocks that Woody knew all along which leads to a huge fallout.

As Mick confides in Jack, Linda talks to Shirley about her situation.

Recognising that Joyce is hiding something from him, Ted stubbornly puts an end to the conversation after she admits what’s going on.

Taking up Patrick’s offer to help him at the allotments, Ted finds himself sharing a painful memory from the past with Patrick.

In order to run away from the charges, Ted suggests to Joyce that they should go and see their son in Australia. At first Joyce isn’t keen, but as she comes around to the idea, Patrick breaks he news to Dot that Dave belongs to Ted and Joyce and she agrees to return the cat.

However, with their new plan in place they tell Dot to keep Dave, much to Robbie’s displeasure. Question is though, will Ted and Joyce go ahead with their plan?

As the anonymous caller persists to hassle the Mitchell family, Sharon has a firm conversation with Michelle as it’s clearly Tom. When Sharon suggests she goes to the police, Michelle tells her she wants to wait.

But when he continues to make silent phone calls to the Mitchell’s at all hours, Sharon and Michelle have no choice but to speak to the police who agree to investigate.

There’s good news as the doctors remove Jane’s breathing tube but as Ian and Sharon leave, Max lurks.With Ian needed in the Square, Max offers to stay with Jane who soon wakes up to find herself alone with Max – but is Jane safe?

After agreeing to dinner with Ingrid, Keanu meets another model at the art class who is an escort, which leaves Keanu toying with the idea himself. Back in the Square, Keanu cancels dinner with Ingrid and uses lack of cash as an excuse. This makes her think that she’s been dumped. With the Taylor’s financial woes growing even worse, Keanu calls the escort agency.

Elsewhere, Sonia invites Gethin for lunch leaving Bex to do her best to avoid the situation.

These scenes will air Monday 9th October (8pm), Tuesday 10th October (7:30pm), Thursday 12th October (7:30pm) and Friday 13th October (8pm) on BBC One