Corrie SPOILERS: 14-20 October

Next week in Corrie, Summer is found unconscious, Mary looks after George and Sinead must choose between Daniel and Chesney.

On what would have been her dad’s birthday, Summer is found unconscious after she pockets a strange looking cigarette that Simon found in the school changing rooms. After being quizzed by Billy and Todd, Simon hands over the cigarette and admits to Peter and Toyah that he handed it to Summer and dared her to smoke it, but never meant for her to get hurt.

Peter reveals the truth to Billy, who in turn loses it and punches Peter down to the floor. Later, Billy calls at the Rovers to apologise to Peter for losing his temper. But will Peter agree not to take it further?

After enjoying being in Daniel’s company again, Sinead receives a call to say that Chesney has collapsed. Feeling guilty, she races to his bedside. As he starts to recover, Izzy receives some shocking news after she accepts a call from Owen in Portugal. Against doctor’s advice, Chesney leaps out of his hospital bed, determined to get to Portugal.

After seeing a different side to Chesney, and his dedication to his son Joseph, Sinead decides that her future is with Chesney, not Daniel.

Wanting time alone with baby George, Mary railroads Angie into an afternoon out with Toyah. Having enjoyed themselves, Angie confides in Toyah about wanting to go back to South Africa as she finds Mary overbearing and doesn’t get to spend enough time with Jude and George.

Devastated by the news that they’re to return to South Africa, Mary asks for one last trip with George, but when she doesn’t return, Angie is beside herself and convinced that they’ll miss their flight. After finding Mary in the flower shop, hiding with baby George, Adam warns her that she’ll lose her family for good if she doesn’t return home.

Agreeing, Mary returns and apologised for her actions, but everything is forgotten when Norris notices something is wrong with George.

Gina tries but fails to pluck up the courage to tell Kirk she no longer intends to run his mayoral campaign as she wants to support Sally instead. She admits to Sally that she knows Kirk’s not fit to be mayor and that it’s her campaign she’d like to back, which leaves Sally pleased to have her sister on board.

After asking Dev for some extra shifts in the shop, Gina’s medication falls out of her bag and she grabs Dev for a kiss to distract him. Throwing a soirée for her fellow councillors, in the hope of winning their votes, Sally is horrified when the party is interrupted by Gina and a sheepish Dev descending the stairs having clearly enjoyed afternoon sex.

Elsewhere, Phelan hides a gun at no. 11, Faye wonders what is going on when she hears Anna telling Seb that she can’t do their usual time tomorrow and Liz plots with the brewery against Toyah and Peter just as they get good news from the surrogate.

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