EastEnders SPOILERS: 14-20 October

Next week in EastEnders, Stacey is rushed to hospital, Jane is threatened by Max and Keanu makes a big decision.

Following complications with her pregnancy, Stacey it rushed into hospital for an emergency C-section. Martin is overwhelmed to learn he has a daughter but Stacey remains in critical condition. Reeling, Martin is later told by the doctor that there are complications with the baby.

With Stacey refusing to see her new daughter, Michelle does her best to support Martin and after a heart-to-heart with Michelle, Stacey makes the decision to see her daughter in the NICU who remains in a critical condition. Trying to remain positive, Martin suggests various names but Stacey, clearly struggling to cope, snaps at him causing him to finally crack and storm out.

As Michelle comforts Martin, a supportive Max pays a visit to Stacey and shares some kind words. At the end of the week, Stacey’s baby remains in hospital as she returns to the Square leaving Carmel on edge.

Arriving at Willmott-Brown’s house, Max gets more than he bargained for when he’s given a difficult task to carry out. After hearing what happened between Ian and Bobby, Jane is annoyed but soon realises she has bigger concerns when Max arrives ahead of her meeting with the police and gives her a threat she can’t ignore.

Keeping quiet about Max’s involvement, Jane breaks the news to Ian and the police of what Steven did. Once the police leave, Jane pleads with Ian for a fresh start and wants to never return to the Square. Eventually, Ian agrees to leave Walford with Jane and move closer to Bobby. He upsets Kathy as he breaks news of his departure and that he wants to sell the café to Weyland & Co.

Max piles on the pressure with Jane but she refuses to give in to his latest demands and as the two argue, Jane starts to question Max’s motives, pointing out this is not the man she knows as he gives her a last warning.

Arriving to take Jane home, Ian shares some heartfelt words about her and their new future together, promising to put her first. However, he is left stunned when Jane tells him it’s over between them and that she’s leaving Walford alone.

As he prepares for his interview with the escort agency, the rest of Keanu’s family believe he’s going on a date. Ingrid is impressed by his behaviour and how he teaches Janet the importance of not running out into the road. However it’s not long until Karen embarrasses him.

At the agency, Keanu is torn but eventually agrees to sign up, realising how much his family need the money. When they ask about his new job, he tells them he’s working at a bar and it’s not long before he goes on his first date as an escort an awkward drink with Julie.

Lauren and Abi return to Walford and Donna encourages Abi to tell her sister the truth about carrying Steven’s baby. An encouragement Abi dismisses. Much to Abi’s dismay, Lauren says that she has to stay after learning that Ian and Jane are leaving Walford.

Later on in the week, Abi bottles telling Ben and Jay about her pregnancy forcing Donna to tell them the truth and Lauren asks Josh for her job back.

Michelle is left shaken when Tom messages her and asks why she’s in the hospital. When she sees him in the Square, Michelle furiously warns him to stay away. Worried, Sharon calls the police.

Elsewhere, Linda shows Whitney how to get Woody to do the chores as they prepare The Vic ahead of their meeting and The Carters get a shock when Luke reveals the extent of work needed to be done to The Vic.

These scenes will air Monday 16th October (8pm), Tuesday 17th October (7:30pm), Thursday 19th October (7:30pm) and Friday 20th October (8pm) on BBC One