Emmerdale SPOILERS: 14-20 October

Next week in Emmerdale, Vanessa struggles with her sexuality, Priya finds herself in a sticky situation and is Chrissie closing in on Robert?

As she attempts to sneak out, Vanessa is embarrassed and in denial over her night with Charity. Clocking that Vanessa has spent the night with Charity, Paddy agrees to speak to Charity to stop rumours spreading.

In a bid to prove that she’s straight, and in a state of panic, Vanessa asks Daz for a drink. But with The Woolpack chosen as the venue, Charity does her best to make their date awkward and when she reveals the truth, Vanessa flees the pub mortified.

Later, Rhona tries to help Vanessa come to terms with her sexuality but she’s left troubled and confused by her new feelings. Vanessa promptly leaves to proposition Daz in an attempt to prove she is straight but is she making the right decision?


As Chrissie plans on working with Rebecca on the RTB investment deal, Robert’s on edge. He later voices his concerns to Lawrence as he wants Rebecca to manage the contract by herself. Later, Chrissie is puzzled when she fails to find any information about the company RTB online.

Ahead of her RTB business meeting with Rebecca, Chrissie prepares to grill Robert’s investor, Kath, but offended at the mere mention of Robert, she pulls out of the deal and the meeting is over before it begins.

Leaving the pub, Rebecca overheard that Kath and Robert have been keeping something from her. Robert is still scheming and phones Kath but is startled by a figure watching him from a distance.

Inside the portakabin, the figure in the distance is revealed to be Tim. Upon hearing he has nothing left, Robert asks Tim to complete a final job for him.

Later, Chrissie and Rebecca plan on how to best approach Kath and when they all meet her in the village, Robert orchestrates a stunt where Kath drops her keys, leaving Chrissie in the road as Tim drives straight towards her. Robert’s plan is to save her in the nick of time but will it work? Also, Cain is soon in the frame and Robert has Lawrence just where he wants him.


Having been told by Megan that she has to sort out the mess with Priya, Leila rips off the police. When DS Benton arrives to question her, Priya is anxious and when Layla reveals how it was her who tipped them off, Priya destroys the wedding favours as penance.

Later, Tracy and Leya work out a way of repaying her betrayal and when Priya arrives at the house to meet Leyla she is mortified as they cover her in syrup. As they argue whilst babysitting for Eliza, will tragic circumstances being them closer?

Amelia unwittingly brings trouble to the family when she uploads pictures online and a lady called Rose tracks down Daz and Amelia is soon put in immense danger.

Elsewhere, Lisa’s excited to throw Sam and Lydia an engagement party, DS Benton makes enquiries about Emma in the café, Pete is a broken man as he despairs over the fate of their family and Dan is curious to find out why his brother has borrowed his suit.

These scenes will air Monday 16th October to Friday 20th October at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday 19th October at 8pm on ITV