Corrie SPOILERS: 21-27 October

It’s a dramatic week in Corrie next week, as Phelan faces his toughest week yet.

Phelan’s future in Weatherfield is threatened as old ghosts come back to haunt him and the pressure is on to find a replacement for Andy after he promised him that he’ll soon be a free man. He uses this opportunity to take revenge on those who previously wronged him.

Nicola pays Lydia a visit and quizzes her about her mother’s affair with Phelan. Lydia breaks down in tears and reveals that there was no affair and as the pressure ramps up for Phelan, he snaps at Nicola after she starts asking questions about his murky past. He then makes a final decision about the future of his hostages.

Seb finally confesses to Faye about his home life but they’re both shocked when they head to the house and find Seb’s Mum unconscious having overdosed. As Abi is rushed to hospital, Seb is left devastated as social services take the twins into care and blames Anna and he two have a very public row.

Anna later has a showdown with Phelan, blaming him for poisoning Seb against her. Whilst cleaning windows at the solicitor’s office, Seb suffers a horrific fall off the ladder and Anna calls an ambulance as Faye sobs over his lifeless body.

With Seb’s life hanging in the balance, did he fall? Or was he pushed? When the police come calling Phelan seizes the chance to attempt to frame old enemy Anna for attempted murder.

Still down on his luck Aidan’s hitting the bottle and as Adam goads him, he snaps and launches himself at Adam but Johnny steps in and drags him home.

After a pep talk from Johnny, Aidan suggests to Alya that they set up in business together. Despite Luke’s misgivings about Aidan, Alta is keen and as they brainstorm ideas together it looks like things are picking up for Aidan. But when Aidan attempts to mix business with pleasure and goes to kiss Alya will his move backfire?

Fiz and Tyrone are shocked when they receive a cheque for £2k from a lady who read about Hope on the crowd-funding site. Tyrone insists they should keep the money as it was intended for Hope but, feeling guilty, will Fiz keep schtum in front of the other factory girls?

Elsewhere, Craig impresses his new mentor at the police station and Steve finds himself on the double date from hell with Moira.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV