EastEnders SPOILERS: 21-27 October

Next week in EastEnders, Max starts to feel the pressure about his agreement with Willmott-Brown.

With Fi piling on the pressure, a guilty Max struggles with his conscience as he manipulates Carmel into helping him get some insider information from the council so that he can have access to some sealed bids.

But with his conscience appearing to have got the better of him, he gratefully tells Carmel he no longer needs her help as he’ll sort it himself. Sharing his concerns about Max’s apparent change of heart, Luke piles on the pressure to Fi to ensure that Max gets the sealed bids from Carmel.

Max is left torn after Carmel falls asleep after a heart-to-heart about the pressure of work and he goes to look at her laptop for the information needed. However not wanting anyone else to get caught in the crossfire, Max tells Willmott-Brown he wants to meet him and sort things out once and for all.

Fi is fuming as Max tells Willmott-Brown it’s over as he doesn’t want Carmel getting caught up in their battles. However outside, Fi secretly applauds Max for standing up to her dad and as he goes to fetch his things from Carmel’s, Fi arrives and one thing quickly leads to another… but whose side is she really on?

After a close call with Shakil, Fi steals the house keys and later returns – what is she up to? The duo are later summoned to a meeting by Willmott-Brown where he confronts them about their relationship. As Max admits he and Fi are an item, Fi gives her dad the sealed bids she found on Carmel’s laptop leaving Max livid.

Outside, Fi tells Max she still likes him and it can work between them, but he’s having none of it and tells her it’s over.

Meanwhile, Luke utilises his relationship with Ben and pays a visit to Jay to make an offer on the car lot. Despite an initial reluctance, Jay later accepts. Following some suggestions from Luke about expanding the business to a different clientele, Phil is taken back by Ben’s ideas for the business and questions if his son is being used by Luke.

Billy panics when he learns there will be a tax audit on the business later this week, but after reassuring reassuring Billy it’ll be fine, Jay learns that Billy hasn’t been doing his taxes properly. And he’s not the only one. As they prepare for the tax audit, they begin by going through the books and Honey finds some old unaccounted for invoices.

Billy covers and tells Honey the auditors are aware, but is left torn on whether he should fess up. As Billy hands over the invoices and assures them it was a genuine mistake, he is alarmed to discover he will have to pay them back a substantial amount of money leaving the business in debt.

Meanwhile, Ben is worried as Jay goes on an out of control spending spree following the sale of the car lot. Jay later arrives at the parlour to hand in his notice but seeing the mess Billy is in, he instead offers to pay off the debt Billy has created.

The Carters are mortified to discover if they can’t pay the money Grafton Hill has demanded for repairs to The Vic they will be kicked out. With Fi insisting there’s nothing she can do to help, the family try and figure out a way to pay the money and Whitney suggests they pay in instalments. A confident Linda later calls Fi and arranges a meeting with the company for Friday.

As they prepare for their meeting, Fi assures the Chairman that there’s no way the Carters can afford to pay them the money needed. As the Carters share their plans with the Chairman to pay in instalments, they are horrified to learn they only have five weeks to pay otherwise they will be evicted.

With Fi putting on a front and defending the Carters, Shirley questions how much Fi knew but she assures them she had no idea this would happen. When she returns later with an offer, the Carters sell the leasehold and receive a large payoff but they only have today to decide.

As Mick contemplates the idea, the Chairman and Fi arrive for his answer. Linda is delighted when Mick stands his ground and refuses to sell The Vic. It quickly becomes apparent that Fi has been sharing personal information about the Carters to the Chairman leading Linda to snap and throw a drink in her face. As Fi leaves, the Chairman tells Mick he will be back to evict them.

Shakil struggles to think of a birthday present for Bex but is left embarrassed when she catches him looking at lacey underwear.

Robbie takes Bex for her first driving lesson but his nerves get the better of him and he asks an uncomfortable Gethin to take over, much to Bex’s delight. Despite a successful lesson, Gethin reminds Bex he has no feelings for her.

Later on, Shakil surprises Bex with a surprise dinner and touching present.

After overhearing Bernadette upset about being unable to afford a new phone, Riley steals Stacey’s phone and secretly gives it to his sister leaving Jane’s voice message to go unnoticed.  Karen insists that a reluctant Keanu invites Ingrid over for dinner but as Ingrid arrives, she witnesses Karen in a confrontation with the loan sharks.

When Robbie’s date cancels, Donna winds him up and tells him  he can take her out instead, but when he has a second chance with his date, Donna gets up to no good and attachs an “L” plate to his back!

Elsewhere, The past catches up with Abi when she learns she’s been fired after being caught on CCTV stealing animal medication.

These scenes will air Monday 23rd October (8pm), Tuesday 24th October (7:30pm), Thursday 26th October (7:30pm) and Friday 27th October (8pm) on BBC One