EastEnders SPOILERS: 28 October – 3 November

Next week in EastEnders, the residents of Walford prepare for Halloween…

Having been fired from the vets, Abi tries to cover this up by telling her flatmates that she’s going full time at The Vic. Problem is, Mick later breaks the news to her that they have to make cuts and therefore have to get rid of her.

When the day Lauren planned to get married to Steven arrives, she decides to get rid of his belongings but after a heartfelt plea from Kathy to forgive Steven, she gives Ian a picture of him. When she goes to check in on Abi, she is stunned to find her wearing her wedding dress.

Unable to keep it to herself any longer, Abi leaves Lauren stunned when blurts out that she was in love with Steven. With Lauren struggling to get her head around everything, she finds herself in a blazing argument with Abi as further truths emerge. The situation quickly escalates and Lauren is stunned to discover Abi has Steven’s ashes leading her to take matters into her own hands.

Having calmed down somewhat, the two sisters discuss their situation and Lauren tries to see things from Abi’s perspective. With things settled between the sisters, Abi drops one final bombshell … she’s pregnant with Steven’s baby! With Lauren left reeling from this latest bombshell, has Abi gone too far this time?

As the family get The Vic ready for Halloween, Tina fetches alcohol from the cash and carry but finds herself in a dangerous situation when a knife is pulled on her and the men attempt to steal her purse and take the alcohol for The Vic. Tina manages to fight back and escape back to the Square. Still shaken, her day worsens when she hits something in the road. In shock and assuming she hit Dave the cat, Tina drives off oblivious that she’s hit a child.

With their Halloween party underway, the Carters question Tina’s whereabouts and when she finally returns, Shirley encourages a shaken Tina to explain what happened. Feeling guilty, Tina rushes to check on Dave as Shirley makes the decision to call the police about the robbery despite Tina’s reluctance. After learning Dave is safe and well, Tina returns to find the police waiting for her and agrees to talk to them about the robbery.

As the residents prepare for Halloween, Billy gives Honey a reality check about Will and encourages her to not be so protective. Convinced by Billy, Honey agrees to let him go trick or treating with Dennis. Jack’s Halloween party for the children gets underway and Honey leaves Janet with Ingrid.

During a game of hide and seek, Janet, Amy and Riley sneak out of the house with Dennis leaving Jack and Ingrid worried about their whereabouts. Elsewhere, Will finds himself in trouble when Dennis throws am egg at Sonia but runs away leaving Will to take the blame.

Outside, Jack desperately searches for the missing children and after breaking the news to Honey, the residents get involved with the search. Keanu finds Riley safe and well but with no sign of Amy or Janet, Honey calls the police but her world is turned upside down when she finds Janet being taken away in an ambulance.

As the residents reel from Janet’s accident, Tina comes to a horrid realisation that she was responsible.

Bex convinces a reluctant Louise to go on a night out with her but when Bernadette hears of their plans, they realise they can’t not invite her. As they get ready for their night out with Travis, Shakil, Keegan and Bernadette, the night takes a turn when Keegan’s innocent prank leaves Louise on-edge. Things grow worse for Louise when Travis immediately jumps in to defend her and Louise later admits to Bex that she finds Travis too protective.

After Bex agrees that she’ll move on from Mr Pryce, Louise ends things with Travis. Back at the Mitchell’s, a self-conscious Louise asks Bex about her scars and what they look like. Shakil remains confused by the messages he’s getting from Bex and soon finds himself seeking advice from Kathy and Michelle. After being given a boost, Shakil pays Bex a visit and stands up to her.

Elsewhere, as Michelle prepares for her work’s Halloween party she sees Tom outside and panics, leaving Phil to step in to send him on his way. Michelle is terrified when Tom confronts her on the tube and asks why she’s denying they’re in love.

These scenes will air Monday 30th October (8pm), Tuesday 31st October (7:30pm), Thursday 2nd November (7:30pm) and Friday 3rd November (8pm) on BBC One