Corrie SPOILERS: 11-17 November

Next week in Corrie, Billy’s past comes back to haunt him, Rana’s in turmoil and Phelan continues to cover his tracks.

Todd and Summer are stunned when Billy is suddenly arrested on suspicion of robbery.

On Todd’s instructions, Adam calls at the police station and takes Billy to one side, instructing him to say nothing to the police as they ask him how his fingerprints came to be on a burnt out car which was used in an armed robbery in 2001.

Refusing to answer, Billy later makes a shock confession to Todd. As Todd and Billy lie to Summer telling her that he is in the clear and it was a case of mistaken identity, will Todd stand by his man? And when social services hear about Billy’s arrest for armed robbery, could Summer be at risk of losing another dad?

As Todd and Adam prepare a statement for Billy stating he’s had no involvement in any armed robbery, awash with guilt, will Billy be able to keep up the lie?

Rana tried to appear enthusiastic as Zeedan excitedly makes preparations for their civil wedding. But with the chemistry between Kate and Rana reaching boiling point, Rana response passionately when Kate kisses her. Rana corners Kate and admits she has feelings for her but loves Zeedan. Kate tells her to stop messing with her head and focus on her wedding.

But when Rana calls at Kate’s flat and tells her that she only has to say the word and she’ll call off the wedding so they can be together, how will Kate respond?

As their families gather at the register office, Zeedan glances nervously at his watch, wondering where Rana has got to. Drunk, Kate phones Rana and leaves a message telling her to call off her wedding as she loves her and wants to be with her. Will Rana stand Zeedan up? And Alya tells Luke she suspects something is going on between Kate and Rana.

Phelan feigns surprise as him and Eileen return from holiday to the news that the house they were doing up has burnt down and it looks like arson. The police quiz Phelan about Seb’s accident and he takes the opportunity to point the finger at Anna, revealing he witnessed her smacking Seb in the face.

Unable to hide her hatred of Phelan, Nicola announces she’s moving to Australia. In the builder’s yard, Phelan pulls out Vinny’s bag and takes the cash before setting fire to Vinny’s passport. Asking Anna to explain to Seb that she’s had to move away, Nicola leaves the street.

With a plan forming in his head, Phelan stares at Anna with abject hatred. After dropping the bombshell that Nicola is carrying Gary’s baby, Phelan offers Anna a deal. Gary is horrified after Anna confronts him over Nicola’s pregnancy and reveals how Phelan is trying to blackmail her.

Meanwhile Eileen visits the burnt out house with Phelan. When she retrieves Andy’s wire model of a house from the skip, Phelan distracts her and gets rid of the model.

Michelle is thrilled when Robert arrives home from prison and presents Michelle with a contract making her an equal partner in the bistro. When Michelle notices Robert wince in pain as he sits, Michelle’s concerned but Robert plays it down.

In the bistro, Daniel and Robert challenge each other to a race. Daniel beats Robert, who’s left worried that he’s aggravated his groin strain. Robert shows Michelle the training plan he’s drawn up, determined to get fit, but Michelle’s worried about his health.

Robert lies to Michelle and tells her the doctor confirmed that he’s simply suffering from groin strain and will be right as rain in a week or so.

When Beth finds out that Fiz and Tyrone kept quiet about the money they received through the crowdfunding website and spent it on a van, she and the factory girls are livid, accusing Fiz of scamming them. Fiz is furious and a row escalates leading to a catfight. When Fiz and Tyrone return from the shops, laden down with goodies, Beth threatens to report them for fraud.

Elsewhere, Beth and Kirk move in with Maria, Dev announces he’s expanding his empire by buying the chippy, Colin leaps to the conclusion that Norris might be his father, and Mary’s desperate to see baby George but Dev advises her to give the family time to calm down.