EastEnders SPOILERS: 11-17 November

Next week in EastEnders, the truth comes out about who Luke really is and the Carters come clean about the future of The Queen Vic.

When Ritchie confirms that Luke is Willmott-Brown’s son, Phil goes to warn Ben but when he finds Luke there, he decides to speak to him another time. Visiting Kathy, Phil drops the bombshell that Luke is Willmott-Brown’s son.

Shocked, Kathy begs Phil not to tell Ben that James raped her. Phil later arranges to meet Luke alone and Luke uses Phil’s warning to his advantage, telling Ben that his Dad told him to stay away. Furious, Ben confronts his father but unable to tell Ben the truth, Phil keeps his silence and Ben storms off. However, not wanting Phil and Ben to fall out, Kathy tells Ben that Luke’s dad raped her and he storms out of the house reeling.

Phil and Kathy go after him before he can do anything and Kathy explains why she never told him about her ordeal. Kathy confides in Ian who reassures her that Ben won’t want anything to do with Luke now that he knows. Ben summons Luke to ask him whether he knew about what happened to his mum and he tells Ben that his father wants to meet him.

As Kathy and Ben break the ice and arrange to have dinner together, meanwhile, Ben mulls over Luke’s invitation to meet his father. Despite telling Luke he is not interested, he is unable to turn down an opportunity to face his mother’s rapist. Ben eventually agrees but what does he have planned?

Ian realises Kathy is trying to leave Walford but she explains that she can’t stay because of Ben. Ian drags Ben round to try and persuade her to stay. But will he succeed?

The Carters discuss the future of The Vic and Mick decides to make an announcement, breaking the news to his regulars that the renovation costs leave them no option but to hand over The Vic to the freeholders. With the regulars in uproar, they vow to help raise the money needed to save The Queen Vic. Something Mick had hoped would happen.

With Hope due home, Stacey tasks Martin with asking Woody and Whitney to find somewhere else to stay. With nowhere to go, Stacey steps in and begs Linda to consider taking them back in The Vic.

With Carmel desperate to make amends with Stacey, despite her initial reluctance, Martin persuades Stacey to give her another chance. Stacey later texts Carmel to invite her round and she is thrilled to see the family and also pleased for a diversion as she has been roped into Honey’s Safari Supper idea to raise money for The Vic.

Speaking of which, tensions run high as Michelle, Carmel, Honey and Kim prepare for the evening and Karen persuades Honey that she can make the pudding and Honey begrudgingly hands over the money for the ingredients. But when Kim is sick she blames Karen, citing food poisoning from her pudding.

As Sonia and Gethin enjoy a romantic dinner, she gets called into work. As Gethin waits Bex seizes the opportunity to talk to him. Realising what she is up to, Gethin makes it clear that he really likes Sonia and is not interested in Bex and never has been but when she threatens to tell her mum what happened, he calls her bluff and tells her himself. It’s fair to say that Gethin’s revelation to Sonia that Bex kissed him does not go well.

Knowing something is troubling Bex, Louise demands to hear what is wrong and what happened with Gethin. Bex tells all and Louise is surprised to hear the extent of Bex’s feelings for him. Realising that Shakil still has feelings for Bex, Louise plays matchmaker.

Carmel senses that all is not well with Shakil, but he refuses to open up so she asks Kush to speak to him. Shakil admits that Bex spurned him for a teacher, overhearing their conversation, Carmel puts her foot in it with Martin and Sonia.

Stacey does her best to calm Martin down as Bex explains that she initiated the kiss. Bex is furious when she realises that Louise told Shakil about her feelings for Gethin.

Elsewhere, Donna’s meddling in Robbie’s online dating backfires and Willmott-Brown and Fi continue with their scheming.