Corrie SPOILERS: 18-24 November

Next week in Coronation Street, Robert struggles to accept his diagnosis, Dev gets more than he bargained for with Gina and Phelan plays good cop while Anna digs her own grave!

After finding a lump in one of Robert’s testicles, Michelle finds out from Daniel that Robert didn’t attend his doctor’s appointment. When she tells Robert that she knows, he refuses to discuss it but she makes him promise to get his lump checked out. Suddenly Joseph runs into the road and straight into the path of the bistro van. Hearing Izzy scream, Robert darts into the road will he save Joseph?

In the hospital, the doctor confirms that Robert will make a full recovery. When Tracy muses how Robert has always had an aversion to hospitals since his Dad’s cancer, Michelle realises why he’s putting up such a fight. Michelle is horrified when Robert admits he discovered the lump weeks ago And has ignored it for so long. She takes matters into her own hands and arranges an appointment with the urologist who recommends a scan.

The urologist breaks the news to Robert that the lump is most likely malignant and that they’ll have to remove his testis. Robert reels as he’s told he needs an operation as soon as possible And decide to hide the news from Michelle. Will he agree to the operation?

Wanting to forget, Robert heads to the casino and is annoyed when Johnny insists on tagging along. After losing every penny at poker, Johnny’s horrified and tries to drag him home but Robert won’t be deterred. He then lies to Michelle, making out he only lost £100.

With Izzy looking after Joseph, Sinead enjoys an afternoon in the pub getting drunk. Offering to sober her up before she has to pick up Joseph, Daniel makes her a coffee and they both admit that they still have feelings for one another. But when Daniel tries to kiss her, will Sinead respond?

As Sinead heads home, she spots the commotion in the street and is mortified to learn about Joseph’s accident and blames herself. Chesney is left fuming when Tracy ’lets slip’ that she saw Sinead heading up to Daniel’s flat shortly before the crash. Daniel’s thrown to see a booking in the name of Denise Osbourne in the bistro diary. As he snaps at Kate, Chesney masks his delight.

Sally’s mayoral inauguration party is in full swing and all going well until two bailiffs arrive, presenting Sally with a court order to take goods up to the value of £5k. As they help themselves to her furniture Sally’s horrified to discover that the debt is in Gina’s name. Humiliated, Sally orders her to leave.

Gina pours her heart out to Dev who invites her to move in with him but when an article appears in the Gazette accusing Sally of evicting her bi-polar sister, Gina packs her bags and apologise to Dev for hiding her illness from him.

Having hit on a great business idea, redesigning old clothes, Gina beavers away, churning out pimped up hats and scarves for a Christmas stall. As it quickly takes off she enlists Izzy’s help and promises her a cut of the profits. Upbeat after a successful day on her market stall, Gina wonders how she’ll ever pay Sally back.

Colin asks Moira to risk her job by discreetly using Norris’ blood sample for a DNA test. Following a night of passion, Colin and Moira are all loved up in the café. When Norris takes a call from the medical centre asking him to provide another blood test, he’s clearly worried. And what will Moira say when Colin invites her to join him in Stoke-on-Trent?

Eileen’s thrilled when Phelan reveals that the insurance money has come through. Anna watches suspiciously as Phelan hands Billy a wad of cash for the church fund, then sets about giving all the people who lost money on the Calcutta flats £5k each by way of compensation. Assuming it to be the insurance money Eileen’s less than impressed, while Todd’s suspicions are aroused when he spots Vinny’s bag.

Anna lures Phelan to No.13 she needs to know why he framed her for Seb’s accident. Smelling a rat, Phelan looks her in the eye and tells her they both know she pushed Seb off his ladder. With Phelan gone, Anna switches off the record setting on her phone, gutted her plan went awry.

Mary is poleaxed to hear that Angie is suffering from post natal depression, realising she misjudged Angie completely. As she offers Angie and Jude her support will Mary be reunited with her family?

And Gemma has her very own Cinderella moment when she’s chatted up by Henry Newton after crashing a posh house party. But when the police raid the party, Gemma quickly does a runner leaving behind her sparkly shoe. Henry picks up the shoe, gutted she’s gone.

Elsewhere, Kate admits to Luke she wasn’t concentrating when Joseph ran across the road as she was thinking about Rana, Adam warns journalist Daniel off when he gets wind of Billy’s criminal past and Peter enters Steve’s details into a dating app with amusing results!