EastEnders SPOILERS: 18-24 November

Next week in EastEnders, Woody gets jealous, Josh pushes his luck with Lauren and the residents of Walford rally around Karen.

When Moose pays Whitney a surprise visit, Woody is less than impressed with how close he is to his fiancé and tells him that him and Whitney are getting married. When warned off his fiancé, Moose realises that Whitney is yet to tell him that her divorce papers have come through and uses this information to his advantage.

After confronting Whitney about keeping the divorce a secret, Woody and Moose continue to bicker until they eventually end up fighting and ruining Woody and Whitney’s plans for a night at the theatre.

Worrying that she’s rushing into marriage again so soon, she decides to broach the subject with Woody and Stacey advises him to give her more space.

Back at work, Lauren’s chemistry with Josh is as strong as ever and agrees to work late to help him with a deadline. But when she comes face-to-face with his ex-girlfriend Imogen, she takes the opportunity to manipulate Lauren. Initially concerned, Lauren rebukes Josh’s advances but after Imogen has left, they share a kiss.

After deciding to work from home to avoid Josh, he surprises her by turning up and she does her best to put him off her before asking him to leave.

Jay quizzes Lauren on Ben’s discovery and she asks Josh about what projects they are working on but he admits he’s has no knowledge of what she’s asking about.

When Josh questions Luke on an upcoming project, he refuses to tell him, raising alarm bells for Lauren. Josh warns Lauren not to antagonise Luke, but Lauren decides to try and find out for herself and makes an alarming discovery.

Riley and Chatham are picked up from an after school club by Lloyd, the loan shark, who brings them home to Karen to collect what he is owed, with interest. Desperate to raise money, and realising the seriousness of her situation, Karen tries to sell items in the pub.

Returning home to find the television missing, Keanu wonders how he can help his Mum. But events take a more sinister turn when Lloyd looks to more sentimental items he can take.

Noticing that Karen is upset, Linda offers a shoulder to cry on and appeals to Mick to lend her the money she needs. But he reminds her that they can’t afford it. However Shirley arranges for Karen’s electric problem to be sorted and Joyce surprises them both when she offers some advice on Karen’s situation.

Meanwhile, Linda arranges a collection for Karen to raise the money she needs.

Elsewhere, Joyce and Ted head to court but what will be the verdict.