Emmerdale SPOILERS: 18-24 November

Next week in Emmerdale, Chrissie fears her beloved Lachlan is dead, Debbie is distraught when Sarah has an accident and are Cain and Harriet back on?

Aaron becomesa worried about Lachlan after his recent threatening behavia and Belle is left in a state of disbelief when he tells her how Lachlan almost hurt Seb and hired a prostitute. When she confronts Lachlan about it, he doesn’t deny it and Chrissies worries after receiving a text from him to say that he’s never going to return. Lachlan later leave Belle a goodbye voicemail before picking up an electric drill with intent.

With Robert stepping up as a father to Seb, Aaron’s impressed but Robert is caught off guard when Rebecca mentions what she’s just seen and begins to panic. As he attempts to worm his way out of it, Chrissie interrupts them with news that Lachlan might have killed himself. Has he?

With Victoria reluctantly handing Isaac over to Cain for the day, Harriet voices concerns for his welfare and insists she still cares about him as a mate.

Reacting to her choice of words, Cain snaps at her and she stalks out. Later, Cain apologises to Harriet for his earlier outburst saying he doesn’t want to be mates and he pulls Harriet in for a kiss. Are they’re back on?

Debbie is hesitant to go public with her relationship with Tom after turning down his offer for lunch and snappiung when furniture turns up at Jacob’s Fold as a surprise.

But she soon puts to bed any fears that she’s using him by pulling Tom in for a kiss and introducing him to the family . However, when out on a quad bike with Sarah, Sarah crashes and is knocked unconscious, leaving Debbie fearing the worst.

Nicola and Jimmy have no qualms about spending Mrs Dumphreys money and due to the stress, Bernice breaks out in hives. Horrified by the rash, she’s convinced that Mrs Dumphreys money is cursed. She tries to convince Nicola and Jimmy they need to hand the money over to the rightful heir, but Nicola isn’t too keen on Bernice’s plan. After the funeral, Bernice finds the last remaining relatove and sets about getting the moiney to them.

How? She sets up a rigged raffle so the person can win and with everything ready and Jimmy ready to announce the cash prize, Bernice interrupts with another suggestion but why?

Elsewhere, Leyla consoles Pete, Frank becomes smitten with a stray dog and Bob’s mortified when he realises he’s forgotten Brenda’s birthday.