Corrie SPOILERS: 25 November – 1 December

Next week in Coronation Street, Kate tries to hurt Rana, Phelan increases the pressure on Gary and Gemma feels she’s not worthy.

Here’s everything you need to know about the week ahead…

Once again, George falls ill whilst in the care of Mary. In the hospital, Angie and Jude are questioned about George’s condition, noting he suffers a flare up whenever he spends time with Mary.
Arriving at the hospital, Mary parks herself next to George’s cot and as Jude and Angie row about Mary, they’re interrupted by the sound of the alarm in the baby room. As Mary is ushered out, the doctors tend to George.

Turning on Mary, Jude and Angie demand to know what she’s done to their son. Deeply upset, Mary assures them she would never harm him, not that Angie believes her. There’s more bad news for Mary when two public protection officers call at No.7 and question her about George’s health and Jude arrives with news of George and tells Mary that she can’t see him.

Bethany returns home and Mary finds herself pouring her heart out to her. She offers to nip to the hospital for news on George but when Angie spots Mary in the car park how will she react?

With Billy consumed with guilt over the lies he’s told, Todd urges him to get a grip for Summer’s sake. Offering to do some research into the crash, Todd contacts a private investigator and reads the report with horror. However he decides the best thing to do is to lie to Billy and instead tells him that having done some digging, he can assure him that nobody died in the crash. Billy’s overcome with relief. During dinner with Billy and Summer in the bistro, Todd snaps at Daniel after he makes a light hearted remark about juicy court cases and defending the indefensible.

Billy later searches the internet for a guy called Gareth from Stockport. Meeting up with him, Billy suggests they do the decent thing and tell the police all they remember about the accident. Gareth tells Billy to keep his mouth shut or he’ll personally make sure he pays the price. Left shaken. Billy realises he can’t change the past and throws himself into shaping the future, starting with helping Ken pull the Barlow family back together.

Meanwhile, when Adam borrows Todd’s laptop he is stunned to see Todd’s search history. Having witnessed a spark between Adam and Eva, Billy and Todd play Cupid and lure them round for dinner and it’s not long before they flirt and leave happily together. Whilst Todd thinks Billy did a good thing in getting them together, Billy’s not so sure.

As they plan their Spanish getaway, Johnny and Jenny show Matthew Singh into the factory hoping to seal the deal. However when they discover some squatters living there, Matthew leaves unimpressed.

In a bid to hurt her, Kate tells Rana she’s moving to Spain with Johnny and Jenny. Gutted, Rana has no choice but to put on a brave face, while Kate paints on a smile for Johnny’s sake. Breaking down in front of Luke, Kate admits to Luke that she doesn’t want to move to Spain but it’s killing her being around Rana. As Zeedan sends Rana and Kate to attend a food fair on his behalf, the van breaks down in the middle of nowhere and Kate calls Luke.

Rana confesses to Kate how she can’t stop thinking about her but knows her parents would never speak to her again. Seeing Rana in such turmoil, Kate’s heart goes out to her and with their chemistry electric, will the pair finally give in to their feelings? Having not been consulted earlier, Rana’s angry at Zeedan’s plans to buy a café so they can be business partners.

Gary’s angry at Faye for questioning Anna’s innocence in Seb’s accident, following a conversation with Seb where he tells her that Phelan saw Anna going into the solicitor’s office just before he fell.
Gary’s even more furious when Faye announces that she’s moving in with Seb and Phelan in No.11. With Faye refusing to listen, Gary drops the bombshell that Phelan raped Anna. When Faye discovers how Anna slept with Phelan as a trade-off to protect her family, she’s horrified. Will she change her mind about Phelan?

Using a private investigator, Phelan watches Nicola she lets herself into her house before summoning Gary and telling him it’s now up to him to make contact and lure her back into their lives, on the pretext that he wants to be a part of his baby’s life. When Gary tries to refuse, Phelan makes it clear he either plays ball or Sarah will hear the truth. Will Gary be blackmailed? Masking his guilt, Gary tells Sarah he intends to do one more job in the Ukraine. Sarah hands him a St Christopher, making him promise to be careful in the Ukraine.

With the help of Norris, Henry tracks Jemima (Gemma) in the Rovers and Gemma is delighted after he promises to be in touch. Liz tells Gemma she’s certainly landed on her feet as he’s Henry Newton of Newton & Ridley fame. But Gemma is gutted when he doesn’t get in touch and Rita suggests he’s out of her league.

Elsewhere, Roberts fobs off Michelle’s suggestion of a holiday, suggesting they should wait until he’s fully recovered. Having been turned down for a loan extension, Robert’s frustrated but masks his worries in front of Michelle.