EastEnders SPOILERS: 25 November – 1 December

Next week in EastEnders, Willmott-Brown and Max form a plan, an old mate of Phil’s turns up and are Whitney and Woody leaving Walford for good?

Here’s everything you need to know about the week ahead…

With Lauren cottoning onto their plan, Willmott-Brown asks Max to stop her revealing the truth. But when Max meets with his daughter, she threatens to go public but he manages to manipulate her into keeping quiet by telling her the plan is yet to be confirmed. Despite initially agreeing, Lauren’s conscious gets the better of her and Willmott-Brown overhears her telling Max that she’s changed her mind. When Willmott-Brown turns up at the garage asking Ben to look at his car, he tells him where to go.

After Max fails to turn up to a lunch Carmel has prepared, she questions him on how he really feels about her and feeling re-assured, she suggests they should find a place together. Dodging the suggestion, Max turns his attention to Carmel’s suspension from the council after she gets summoned for an update. Hinting that he will move in with her, Carmel is over the moon, especially when she finds an engagement ring. But is all as it seems? And what will happen when she tries it on?

As Max secretly picks up the ring, Carmel is certain that he’s going to propose that evening and invites her friends to The Queen Vic. As Carmel waits excitedly, Willmott-Brown, Max and the Chairman share a toast ahead of their big plan tonight, but what’s going on?

At work, Luke makes life difficult for Lauren and reminds Josh about their evening plans. Ben is confused when an expensive sports car is delivered to the Arches as a gift. When he discovers that Luke sent it, he tells him he will not accept it and he’s not welcome. Jay can’t believe that Ben is refusing to keep the sports car or even take it for a spin but Ben is resolute when Luke returns to try and convince him to give them another go. When Luke turns nasty, Ben fights back but is beaten up by a seething, rejected Luke.

Phil is delighted when old friend and former cell mate Aidan arrives out of the blue, but after a quick catch up and introduction to Sharon, he grows suspicious when he spots Aidan meeting with Vincent. Bumping into him again, Phil digs for information about why he met with Vincent. Aidan explains he needs his help with a job.

Wanting to be part of the action, Phil meets with Aidan to discuss his plan but things grow heated when Vincent arrives. Alone, Aidan tells Phil he knows what he’s doing but will Phil agree to get involved with the job?

Having been offered a job managing a bar in Spain, Woody tells Mick that he is torn because of Whitney. Linda gives Woody the idea to invite Whitney too, which she leaps at. As they plan a party for Whitney’s departure, their plans are thwarted when Woody and Whitney have an argument. After some amateur counselling from Mick and Linda, the couple are soon back on track.

Saying her final goodbyes, Whitney donates her unused wedding gifts to Mick and Linda to help raise more money for The Vic – this gives Mick and idea and Linda’s fears about her marriage come back to haunt her. It’s make it or break time for them as Mick desperately tries to convince Linda once and for all that he loves her, but will she believe him?

Sharon gives Linda a reality check about her marriage and tries to reassure her by asking Mick how he really feels when he turns up looking for Linda. Mick realises he’s been overheard by Linda. They then tell Fi they have the money for the repairs.