Emmerdale SPOILERS: 25 November – 1 December

Next week in Emmerdale, Robert’s scam is outed, Bernice is still lying to her daughter and the time has come for the Christmas lights switch on.

Here’s everything you need to know about the week ahead…

With Lachlan still missing, Chrissie sets up a social media page to help with the search. When Rebecca believes that Seb is missing and that Robert has taken him, she tells Chrissie and Lawrence about his scam. After heading to the village to look for Seb, Rebecca is confused to return to Home Farm and find Robert there with Seb. When confronted, Robert insists he’s a changed man and wants to be a better person because of Seb. Not able to forgive him, Chrissie kicks him out, promising to kill him if Lachlan is dead.

The next day, Chrissie spots Lawrence talking intimately with Robert and soon Chrissie and Rebecca realise Robert seduced their father. When Lawrence returns home he is forced to admit that he slept with Robert. But how will Lawrence react when Robert uncovers another revelation which pulls the rug from under him? Liv is unimpressed to still see Robert recuperating at their house, following his chat with Aaron where he reveals the truth about what happened.

Nicola and Diane are unimpressed as Bernice pretends to be rich by putting on a lavish breakfast for her daughter Dee Dee who is staying. But how long can she keep it up for after Diane urges her to tell the truth?

Suspicious about her new relationship, Charity interrogates Debbie about Tom and tells her to invite him to the Christmas lights switch on. When Debbie passes on this invitation, Tom is thrown and Debbie question why he continues to give her mixed signals. Promising that he is serious, he agrees to meet Charity. As the villagers’ count down to the light switch on by Doug, Charity tells Debbie there’s something she needs to hear in private. What could it be?

After forgetting Brenda’s birthday, Bob makes a pathetic attempt to apologise but Kerry tells him that he needs to make a much bigger gesture to make amends. Later, Brenda’s delighted when Bob reveals he’ll be taking her to a Tom Jones tribute act. But when Bob learns that the event has been cancelled he surprised Brenda in the pub by wooing her dressed as Tom Jones.

When land surveyors turn up, Lisa is disappointed at the way in which Zak and Sam react. What are they going to solve with their fists? As the pair put up a ‘Keep Out’ sign, Pollard feels guilty about his involvement. Conflicted over Morris’ offer, we see Lisa secretly slipping his business card somewhere safe.

Elsewhere, a spark is reignited between Leyla and Pete.