Corrie SPOILERS: 2-8 December

​Next week in Coronation Street, Sarah and Anna receive devastating news, Rana’s web of deceit grows and Robert pays the price for his stubbornness.

Here’s everything you need to know about the week ahead…

​There’s bad news for Sarah as she receives a call from Joe to say that there has been an explosion in Ukraine and they fear Gary has been killed. But she refuses to believe it until his St Christopher has been found. Together with Tim, Sarah visits Anna in prison to tell her the news. Understandably distraught, Anna has to be restrained by a prison guard.

Intrigued by Phelan’s reaction to the news, David follows him to Nicola’s house and watches as Nicola is left visibly shaken from what he has just told her.

Demanding answers, David knocks on the door and Nicola admits she had a one night stand with Gary. But it doesn’t stop there, when David spots pregnancy tablets she is forced to confess that she is carrying Gary’s baby. Will David tell Sarah?

After finding post for Andy at the builder’s yard, Luke discovers from one of Andy’s old mates that he never moved to Bristol. With something not adding up, he confides in Phelan who promises to look into it.

To throw him off the scent, Phelan sends Luke on a wild goose chase in Birmingham where he meets Andy’s mate Matt who tells him that Andy is backpacking round Belize.

Knowing how much the news would devastate her family, Rana isn’t sure she can do as Kate wants and come clean to Zeedan about their affair.

When Luke tears a strip off her in the Rovers she tells him she is pregnant but neither Zee nor Kate know and she plans to stay with Zeedan. Kate is later devastated when Luke relays this information back to her.

With Jude and Angie returning to South Africa for good, Tracy tries her best to make them miss their flight by locking Angie in the florist storeroom. Meanwhile, Mary is devastated when Jude tells her that he resents her for giving him up when he was a baby.

Having found a box of dressing up costumes in the Kabin, Norris emerges dressed as batman and carrying a ‘Grandfathers for Justice’ banner and climbs the factory roof gantry starting a protest.

After taking George for a walk, Bethany returns to say that he has been sick and is shaking and an ambulance is called as fears grow.

Refusing to listen to Michelle, Robert insists he’s well enough to work, but after collapsing in the kitchen, confesses to Michelle he has lost every last penny at the casino.

Elsewhere, as Yasmeen looks for a Santa for her Christmas grotto, Santa wars break out at the community centre between Roy and Brian and Alya has a bad feeling about Underworld’s new clients.