EastEnders SPOILERS: 2-8 December

Next week in EastEnders, ​Max is left out in the cold, Kim receives some bad news and Aidan continues to make his mark on Albert Square

Here’s everything you need to know about the week ahead…

Now that his deception and involvement with Willmott-Brown has been exposed, even more secrets and lies are uncovered leaving Max out in the cold by all those he’s wronged and Lauren is hurt by Josh’s actions. Spotting Willmott-Brown across the square Kathy reels as Ian attempts to reveal who the café is being sold to.

Having received a call to say that Ben has been taken to hospital, Phil, Sharon and Kathy head there and are told that Luke is to blame. As Phil storms off, Sharon is increasingly worried that he is up to no good. Kathy does her best to calm Phil down but he makes a call to Aidan anyway. And when Luke comes into the café, Kathy angrily goes for him. But why is he there?

Wanting to know the truth about what went on between her and her father, Fi pays Kathy a visit but even after hearing about her ordeal, Fi decides to stand by her father.

It’s then left to Kathy and Tina to tell a clueless Abi what her father has been up to. With tensions high, Jack encourages Max to begin building bridges. But are Lauren and Abi willing to put the past behind them?

Convincing herself that all is well with the baby, Sonia persuaded Kim to get checked out by a doctor. When she does, she learns that she has had a miscarriage.

As Phil continues to give him a hard time, Vincent does his best to impress Aidan and tries to retrieve the tablet from Kim which has all evidence of his dealings on it. But as he goes to do so, Kim breaks the news that she has had a miscarriage.

Mick quickly strikes up a friendship with Aidan after inviting him into the pub after watching him being mugged. With a shady past hinted at, Mick is left intrigued. Aidan later suggests to Phil that Mick might be helpful on their job.

When the school call Karen to ask why Riley and Chatham aren’t going on the school trip, Bernadette helps Martin out on the stall and gets a paper round, in the hope of coming up with the money for the trip.