Emmerdale SPOILERS: 2-8 December

​Next week in Emmerdale, Tracy gives Leyla an ultimatum, Liv plays matchmaker and there’s a death in the Dingle family.

Here’s everything you need to know about the week ahead…

​When on a ‘date’ with Pete, Leyla is unable to tell him that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. But Leyla is mortified when Tracy puts her foot in it.

David and Pete begin arguing after David makes a passing comment about the Bartons and Pete punches him in the face. Feeling guilty, he apologises and leaves.

When Leyla admits to David that she loves him, she is left mortified when he just ups and leaves. Not one to give up, Leyla once again tells David that she loves him. Overhearing, Tracy gives her an ultimatum.

Liv pretends to fall and hurt her ankle so that Aaron can call Doctor Alex, but when her plan doesn’t work, Liv and Gerry pocket Aaron’s phone and text Alex. When he arrives at the Mill he is shocked to learn Aaron never contacted him.

But when Chas asks Aaron why he won’t go out with Alex and he doesn’t have an answer, he later tells Alex he’s over Robert and the two kiss passionately. But how will Robert react when he walks in on them both?

After collapsing, it’s discovered that Alfie has cancer and it’s left to Zak to make the heartbreaking decision to put him down. At Alfie’s funeral, Lisa punches Morris after he turns up.

Meanwhile, Zak and Lisa camp outside Wishing Well in protest over the development with Pollard deciding to take matters into his own hands. Breaking into Morris’ house with Faith, will Pollard be able to get the compromising email in time and what happens if Morris returns?

Not wanting to give Emma funeral, Pete gets drunk and tumbles down the stairs, lying in a heap on the floor unconscious until Ross gets home and calls an ambulance.

Harriet is left wishing she could do more to help Moira as she is told that she’s coping well with Isaac but doesn’t feel comfortable opening up to her as she’s with Cain.

Elsewhere, Rhona decides to take control of the nativity play and whilst running lines, hints at her feelings for Paddy. She then gets upset as she watches Paddy and Chas playing Mary and Joseph. And Jai’s upset as he has to say goodbye to Tip the dog.