Corrie SPOILERS: 9-15 December

Coming up in Coronation Street, Michelle resorts to desperate measures, Chesney rubs Daniel’s face in it and Anna goes on the run!

Here’s everything you need to know about the week ahead…

Admitting he was scared about the operation, Roberts tells Michelle that she understands if she were to leave him. But she assures him that they’re in this together. And when no one’s looking, Michelle deliberately breaks the card machine in the Bistro forcing customers to pay cash.

During a secret rendezvous after hours, Rana and Kate are interrupted by a dark figure emptying the Bistro till. Kate smashes the thief over the head with a bottle and together with Rana, escape. Revealing to Michelle that the insurance company are going to pay out on the robbery, Robert vows to get his act together.

In front of Daniel, Chesney decides to pop the question to Sinead forcing her to apologise for his insensitivity. Unnerved, Chesney clutches his stomach and fakes food poisoning claiming someone in the Bistro must have tampered with his meal. He later acts shocked when Sinead wonders if it could have been Daniel. He later tells Robert that he’ll go to the press if he doesn’t sack Daniel.

When confronted in the Rovers backyard, Daniel calls Chesney jealous because he knows deep down that Sinead is still in love with him! Returning home with blood oozing out of his face, Chesney doesn’t let Sinead call the police so instead she tells Ken and Tracy that Daniel attacked him.


After collapsing, Anna is taken to hospital where she is visited by Kevin who tells her it’s over. Spotting an overcoat, Anna decides to put it on and make a run for it. When Tim breaks the news to Faye that Anna has escaped, she spots the look of glee on Phelan’s face and confronts him about what really happened between him and Anna. Realising that Phelan is a liar, Faye tells Seb that Anna did not push the ladder but when he refuses to listen, she dumps him.

Craig is on cloud nine when Bethany invites him over for pizza, but after putting on his best shirt and telling her how he really feels, he is shocked by her reaction.

Fiz joins Liz and Beth in the back yard when suddenly they notice smoke rising from the back yard at No.9. Fiz is horrified to discover the trampoline on fire. She immediately points the finger at Beth after she had previously made snide remarks about the trampoline.

The police call at the Nazirs and question Zeedan about the break-in at the bistro, but he confirms that he was working in his food van all evening. To his surprise, Rana steps in and makes out she was with him, giving him a watertight alibi. Zeedan’s touched and the arrival of Rana’s brother Imran causes her to think twice about her relationship with Kate.

Elsewhere, Leanne and Oliver return from France and Eva tells Aidan she is selling the flat and car and giving him half the proceeds.