EastEnders SPOILERS: 9-15 December

Coming up in EastEnders, Weyland & Co. continue to make their presence felt in Walford, ​Aidan continues to tempt Mick and Robbie and Donna grow closer.

Wreaking havoc during his stay at Jack’s, Jack hopes to help Max by inviting Oscar over for his birthday. As Max heads out to get a cake, he uses the time to plead for forgiveness from Abi. Overhearing that Oscar is visiting, Denise takes matters into her own hands and as Max and Abi wait for Oscar, their excitement is short lived.

Jack soon realises that despite his constant encouragement, helping Max move on from his troubles and face Walford is harder than he thought as the residents of Walford call Max out for his wrongdoings. As past actions catch up with him, things go from bad to worse for Max and he is left on dangerous grounds.

As Mick and Linda successfully interview to run another pub, they are torn over whether or not to accept as the job is. It where they thought. Do they up and leave and take the whole family with them? Realising that they can’t, Mick and Linda are devastated but Shirley reminds Mick that he has to do it for the sake of Linda and Ollie.

When Aidan arrives at the pub, he continues to tempt Mick into getting rid of his money worries. Not long after, Mick announces that they are staying in London after claiming a friend has offered him a job at a pub. With her paper round off to a disastrous start, Bernadette convinces Vincent to give her a job collecting glasses at The Albert.

As Aidan continues to recruit people for their big job Phil gives him a stern talking to for sizing up Ben. But as Aidan, Phil, Vincent and Mick gather in The Albert, they are unhappy to see that Keanu is now also part of their job.

Unnerved by Bernadette listening to their conversation, she assures Vincent that she didn’t hear anything. When Max tries to bribe her for information, will she spill? Or did she really not hear anything?

Kathy does her best to pretend to Ian that she is alright, but it’s clear that she isn’t so Ian turns to Phil to get rid of Willmott-Brown once and for all.

Desperate to help him mum, Ian secretly meets with Willmott-Brown and confronts him over raping his mother. But what will Ian do when he begins to cast doubts in his mind? As Fi and Willmott-Brown prepare for a press launch at the Community Centre, Josh enlists Lauren’s help in exposing his father after telling her that he doesn’t want the development to go ahead.

As Josh attempts to steal files from his father’s computer, Lauren takes drastic actions to delay the launch and chains herself to the Community Centre doors in front of the Walford Gazette. But will their plan work?

When Josh tries to make Fi see Willmott-Brown for who he really, she later challenges him, but after an incident Fi is resistant to Kathy’s help. But deep down she‘s desperate to know the truth about her father. When Lauren warns Ian to watch his back with Max, he shares her warning with Phil.

Feeling that he’s always the butt of Donna’s jokes, Robbie unwittingly discloses that he has a meeting about the future of the market and that it could be closing in the New Year. Sensing underlying passion, Whitney locks them both in The Vic’s kitchen and after a while he pair go to kiss, only to be interrupted by Whitney. Dismissing each other, a disappointed Whitney realises it’s back to square one.

Robbie is put out to hear from Mr Lister that the market is closing but Donna steps in just in time and the pair convince him to give them a temporary reprieve. Back in the Square, the pair share the news that there will be mystery shoppers assessing the market next week. Satisfied with their actions, Donna and Robbie arrange to go for a drink. Thinking it’s a date, Donna makes a big effort and Kim does her make up.