Emmerdale SPOILERS: 9-15 December

​Coming up in Emmerdale, a series of flashbacks will reveal what really happened that fateful night and on the viaduct…

Rest assured that the following spoilers will not spoil what happens in these flashbacks or the outcome.

Ross and Pete reluctantly allow Harriet to get on with Emma’s funeral. With Victoria seemingly not concerned that he might be a suspect in Emma’s murder case, Adam attempts to patch things up with Ross and Pete, but what is he up to?

Despite assuring her that he has got rid of Emma’s suicide letter, Victoria is worried when she finds Adam making an anonymous call to the police to say that Ross killed Emma. When the police arrive and present Ross with a search warrant, they find what they were looking for.

As Harriet prepares for Emma’s funeral service, she knows that the attendance is expected to be low. As she lays out the orders of service in preparation we see the potential suspects of her murder with a sense that all will be revealed soon. And Ross is shocked when he learns Victoria burnt the letter and she begins to doubt herself as Ross claims it was evidence Adam was the murderer.


Assuring Arthur that she hasn’t cancelled Christmas, Laurel tells him that they’ll pick out a tree at lunch. Clearly still troubled, Laurel wonders if encouraging Arthur to forgive Emma was the right thing to do. When Laurel discovers Arthur and Elliot have found a tyre buried in the woods, she’s keen to call the police and when Arthur insists on attending Emma’s funeral, Gabby and Laurel are horrified.

Looking at a photo of Ashley, Laurel begs forgiveness from her late husband as Gabby watches on. After the funeral Laurel’s thrown when DS Benton and DC Wilson arrive to take her to the station for questioning. Laurel is caught when they show her an incriminating photo.

As Isaac is taken to the clinic for a routine check-up, Moira is wracked with guilt when the doctor reveals that the baby might have a heart problem. Assuring her that everything will be fine, Cain pulls her in for a hug which Harriet sees.

Deprived of sleep, Moira longs for some respite from crying Isaac and feels conflicted when she comes across Holly’s old phone, switches it on and sees a message from Simon, the drug dealer. Determined to get some relief, she calls him and arranges to meet the next day. Despite his suspicions, Simon realises how desperate she is and sells her drugs.

Still struggling at home, Adam comes crashing in and announces that it’s over between him and Victoria as she thinks he killed Emma. Later, at breaking point, Moira visits Holly’s grave and as she takes out the bag of pills, will she take the drugs?

​As he refuses a surveyor access to the property, Lisa notices that Zak’s cough is getting worse. She’s not the only one desperately worried about Zak’s health, Belle is two and Lisa’s relieved when Zak agrees to spend the night indoors. Lisa’s grateful when Aaron recruits Alex to check on Zak and he’s diagnosed with a chest infection.

Elsewhere, Nicola’s concerned how much Bernice spent on her holiday with Dee Dee.