EastEnders SPOILERS: 16-22 December

Coming up in EastEnders, Tina thinks she might be pregnant, Max continues to lurk in the Square and Robbie upsets Donna.

Shocked to think she might be pregnant with Billy’s baby, Tina shares her fears with Shirley and goes to buy a pregnancy test. As she does so, she bumps into Billy and Honey and Billy is horrified when he realises what she’s buying. Could this be the second chance at motherhood Tina needs? And when Honey later spots a solemn looking Tina, will she find out what’s been going on?

With Mick still not revealing his plan to Linda, they both discuss moving temporarily to Elaine’s. After Linda drags him into planning their vow renewal ceremony Mick is forced to apologise to Aidan for missing an important meeting and assured him that he’s still committed to the job.

Back in The Vic, Mick opens Aidan’s Christmas present and is alarmed at what it is. Linda is unable to stop herself from peeking at what she believes to be her Christmas present from Mick but she is totally unprepared for what she discovers.


Telling Aidan he wants out of the job, Vincent returns home to Kim who’s adamant to get pregnant again. Eventually the pressure gets too much and he snaps but it doesn’t take long for them to make up. Although Kim can’t help but poke her nose in when Aidan pays Vincent visit to talk him round. After agreeing to go back on the job, Vincent also agrees to try for another baby with Kim.

As Abi considers building bridges with Max, Lauren insists she doesn’t need him in her life so she turns to Stacey for advice. Feeling confident, Abi realises she doesn’t need Max. Having been offered a job in Glasgow, Josh secretly stays the night with Lauren and invites her and Louis to move with him.

At first she’s not sure, but after admiring his commitment to their relationship she agrees and breaks the news to Abi, who couldn’t care less. After deciding it’s best to tell Ian after Christmas, Ian is fuming when he catches the pair kissing and shares some harsh words of his own.


Meanwhile, Max continues to lurk in the Square and questions Bernadette for more information on what Phil and Aidan are involved with. Ian is unnerved when Max approaches him for a chant and gets a show when he returns home to find Max sat menacingly waiting for him. The situation escalates and an erratic Max tells Ian he’s going to get the ultimate revenge and kill him. But just how far is Max willing to go?

Preparing for the secret visit to the Market, Robbie’s efforts are thrown back in his face by the stall holders and Mr Lister reveals that the mystery shopper actually visited yesterday and they have yet to hear any news. Doing her best to support Robbie, Donna suggests throwing a Christmas party for the stall holders.

Having bought her a thoughtful present for the market traders secret Santa, Donna is offended by Robbie’s choice of gift after a mix-up. Believing that he meant to humiliate her, she throws a drink in his face and blurts out to everyone that the market is closing. However after Kush delivers her actual present and explains that there was a mix up, Donna feels guilty for misjudging Robbie.

Elsewhere, Riley and Chatham continue their mission to sell Stacey’s phone and Karen berates Bernadette for splashing out on Riley and Chatham’s stocking. As Karen stumbles across some unwanted Christmas decorations she hatches a plan and sends the kids out to sing carols while she decorated the house.