Hollyoaks SPOILERS: 6-12 January

There’s a dramatic week coming up in Hollyoaks as a family day out for the Maaliks ends in disaster!

Diane isn’t happy when Tony wants Harry to move back in with them and gives hims an ultimatum. He either goes to the police and tells them about what happened between Harry and Amy, or she leaves.

James and Harry are worried that Sami has overheard them talking about Amy. But that’s the least of their worries, as later DS Thorpe turns up at Tony’s flat to speak to Harry.


Furious by her family’s meddling, Yasmine bunks off school to go drinking with Lily. Realising that she’s been too harsh on Yasmine, Misbah plans a family cricket match like old times. Picking up on some tension between Sami and Kim, Farrah confronts the pair on the drive home from the cricket match, but disaster strikes when Misbah crashes her car and spins out of control.

Tony and Diane are caught up in the tunnel devastation with the Maaliks after Tony drives Diane to her sister’s. Fear hits the Maaliks when a lorry heads their way and Misbah has to act fast to save her children. When Ste and James hear about the car crash, they rush to the hospital.

And when Brody goes with Maggie to the hospital, Scott misreads the situation when he sees Brody hugging Maggie. Thinking they’re on a date, he wants to prove to Damon that Brody is dating Maggie.

Elsewhere, Peri and Leela are at each other’s throats.

As an extra bonus, here are the promo shots for the tunnel stunt…

These episodes will air Monday 8th – Friday 12th January at 6:30pm on Channel 4