Corrie SPOILERS: 6-12 January

Coming up in Corrie, Kate struggles to do the right thing, Seb looks for an escape route and the day of Chesney and Sinead’s wedding arrives.

After a tipsy night out together, Kate and Sophie share a doorstep snog when they arrive home. Finding out from Sophie about the kiss, Rana is gutted. Kate approaches the Nazir’s in tears and tells them she’s leaving for Devon. Following Kate out of the pub, Rana begs her not to go, but their farewell is interrupted by the arrival of Sophie.

Deeply upset, Kate tells Rana that she’s going to go and stay at Carla’s house to try and get her head together and Sophie and Rana watch on sadly as Kate’s taxi pulls away. When Sophie admits that she really likes Kate, Rana’s quick to put her off, making out that Kate wouldn’t be interested.

Jude and Angie are devastated when Sean tries to type up his CV on Jude’s laptop and accidentally deletes all of his files including all of George’s baby photos and throw him out. Fiz agrees to let him stay at No.9 whilst she’s away and Sean assures Tyrone that he’s going to take good care of him and his girls.

Seb tells his mum that he wants them to move away and start afresh but when she admits that she failed at rehab he chucks her out. Seb is left unnerved when Phelan makes it clear to him that he knows he’s been snooping around and in a bid to stay out of his way, Seb helps Eileen at the cab office.

Spotting Phelan’s toolbox, Eileen asks him to fix a door, but assuming the gun is in the toolbox, Seb looks at Phelan with baited breath. Eileen is none the wiser when Phelan quickly changes the subject.

As Seb gathers his things, intent on making a runner, Eileen wants to know what’s going on and Seb tells her that Phelan is not who she thinks he is. He explains how he framed Anna for GBH and how he’s hiding a gun in his toolbox

Later, Anna’s taken aback when a prison officer reveals she’s had an urgent request for a visiting order from Eileen. During her visit, Eileen asks Anna for her account of Seb’s accident, but she doesn’t know what to believe when Anna assures her that she never laid a finger on Seb and that Phelan is trying to frame her.

Desperate to know Seb’s whereabouts, Anna cursed one of Abi’s friends and asks her to find out where he is. Alone at No.11, Eileen nervously opens Phelan’s tool box. Will her worst fears be confirmed?

Meanwhile, Phelan quizzes Abi over Seb’s whereabouts who makes out that she hasn’t seen him. Slipping her a wad of cash, Phelan tells her it’s Seb’s wages and if she sees him to ask him to get in touch.

Chesney is gutted when Tyrone breaks the news to him that Cilla’s taken a turn for the worse so neither she nor Fiz will be able to make his big day. Sinead is put out when she discovers that Chesney took Joseph to the part to scatter Katy’s ashes without her.

Gemma’s thrilled when Chesney invites Henry to the wedding as her plus one, but it’s clear Henry isn’t keen. When Henry calls at. No.5 for Gemma she clocks his look of disdain and having had enough of his sarky comments about the wedding, she tells him it’s over between them. However she’s thrilled when Henry begs her for a second chance, explaining how he’s fallen for her.

After inviting him round for tea and telling him that they’ll have the house to themselves, Craig is thrilled to find Bethany dressed sexily, but bemused when she tells him she’s nipping upstairs to change. Craig tries to hide his disappointment when she returns in a tracksuit and settles down to watch the TV.

There’s further disappointment for Craig when Bethany explains that she won’t be able to attend the wedding because she has to help Audrey in the salon. When he finds her in the café with a girl called Sam, he’s hurt that she lied. Bethany makes out she met her on a victim’s forum and they agreed to meet up. Bethany and Sam then discuss their secret jobs that they’ve hidden from their families.


Chesney’s a bag of nerves as he prepares to marry Sinead, while Carla implores Daniel to follow his heart and call a halt to the wedding. As Sinead climbs into the car she clocks Daniel across the street. Chesney spots them as they share an intense look.

As the wedding guests gather at the registry office will Daniel make his move and can Sinead ignore the doubts in her heart and say I do?

Elsewhere,  Simon successfully fleeces Leanne, Toyah and Eva for dinner money but will he be able to pull the same trick on Carla? And making sure no-one’s looking, Simon steals a few bottles of vodka from the bar and shoves them in his school bag.

These scenes will air Monday 8th, Wednesday 10th and Friday 12th January at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV