EastEnders SPOILERS: 6-12 January

Coming up in EastEnders, Tiffany makes her return to Walford, as does Melanie Owen after almost 16 years away.

Shirley’s been left in charge of The Queen Vic and upsets Whitney by telling her she is no longer needed.

Sharing her woes with Bex, Whitney is encouraged to think bigger than pulling pints. Pondering the idea of re-visiting her T-Shirt business, Whitney later tells Bex that she might have found an opportunity in Yorkshire, which would mean she’d have to leave Walford.

When Tiffany lands on her doorstep, Whitney doesn’t let this stop her plans and breaks the news to Tiffany that she’s moving to Wakefield imminently. However Tiffany gets up to no good, desperate to stay in Walford.

Later in the week, when Whitney discovers a pregnancy test in the bin, she confronts Tiffany about it. Who could it belong to? And what does it say?

Despite struggling financially, Masood tells Jack that he’s interested in renting one of his flats and offers to pay cash upfront. Desperate to raise the cash, he tentatively asks for Arshad and Mariam’s rent money. As Ian winds Masood up in the café, he shows off about the success of his new ice cream business.

After Mariam spontaneously invites Masood’s friends over for a soiree, Masood tries to keep the deposit Carmel put down on the house and later ducks out of the party he is meant to be hosting.

When Masood heads to Mariam and Arshad’s, he learns they have taken in a new foster child, Daisy. When Masood is left to watch her for a few minutes, the family are alarmed to discover she has gone missing. Calling the police, Mariam and Arshad spread the word around the Square. Thankfully, Daisy is found out in Ian’s back yard, hiding with Dave the cat.

Masood’s day gets even worse when the police inform him that a report will need to be done that could jeopardise Mariam and Arshad’s chances of fostering Daisy any other children.

Ian is delighted to hear from Arshad that Masood’s tales about his successful business were fictitious and takes the opportunity to brag about his own position in business and the community which is lapped up by Mariam and Arshad.

Despite offending the owner of the launderette, desperate for a job Karen manages get herself an interview for a position there. Whilst her interview gets off to a shaky start, she is left hopeful after quickly managing to charm the owner, Mr Papadopoulos Jnr. However when things from her past are bought back to her, Karen gives a heartfelt plea before telling her family she has the job in the bag.

The Taylor family realise all may not be as it seems with Karen’s new job when they discover the position is still being advertised. As Karen tries to investigate, she is disheartened when she calls her new boss and his wife tells her that he is still holding interviews.

Taking matters into her own hands, she is annoyed to discover someone else has been offered the job. Fed up of the bickering, the manager gives Karen and her rival a trial shift to prove they’re the best person for the job.

After almost sixteen years, Mel Owen makes her return to Walford but with so much history in the Square, just why has she returned?

She wastes no time in making her presence known and goes to the café where she comes face-to-face with Ian and Kathy.

Stunned by her arrival, Ian catches up with his ex-wife but it soon becomes apparent Mel may have an ulterior motive as she uses the conversation to her advantage.

These scenes will air Monday 8th (8pm), Tuesday 9th (7:30pm), Thursday 11th (7:30pm) and Friday 12th January (8pm) on BBC One