Emmerdale SPOILERS: 6-12 January

Next week in Emmerdale, there’s drama for the Whites, Bob wants Brenda and there’s bad news for Moira.

After hiring a private investigator to find out if the Whites are hiding anything, Robert is shocked to hear that they’re planing to move to Australia.

After failing to convince Lachlan to go to Australia, Chrissie manages to get Belle to end their relationship after telling her all about his problems. And as the Whites finalise everything to leave, a heartbroken Lachlan can’t let his break-up with Belle go and confronts her. Letting slip about Chrissie, Lachlan is enraged.

As the Whites pack the car to leave, Robert, with Victoria’s help, snatches Seb and sets off at pace. As The Whites frantically take chase with Lachlan in the front seat, Lachlan tells a shocked Chrissie he knows what she said to Belle and lunges for the steering wheel. The car veers into the opposite lane into the path of a lorry.

Laurel and Bob cover their hurt as they say they don’t want each other and Brenda reveals Heath has hit Arthur when he was asked about Bob’s affair. This makes Bob see Brenda in a new light after she handles the situation well and vows to get her back.

When Bob leaves a trail of clues that Brenda must follow, will Brenda find her man? Will he get to propose? Will Brenda say yes?

Pete is taken aback by Moira’s kindness after she offers Ross work at the farm. And Cain is concerned when she gives the brothers Emma and Finn’s shares in the farm. Meanwhile, DS Benton arrives at Moira’s door with devastating news. What could it be?

Elsewhere, Harriet awkwardly watches Cain and Moira bond and confides in Laurel about her doubts in herself after everything with Cain. After suggesting that she wants to leave the church, will she?

These scenes will air Monday 8th – Friday 12th at 7pm and Thursday 11th January at 8pm on ITV