Corrie SPOILERS: 13-19 January

Next week in Corrie, Bethany breaks Craig’s heart, Eileen puts her fears to the test and Eva makes a shock discovery.

Sarah’s bemused when confronted by Gary over not replying to his texts. She’s later taken aback when Bethany admits to deleting the messages, telling her mother that she’s better off without him.

Bethany, dressed in lap dancing gear, is horrified to see Craig turn up at the lap dancing club having been called to a disturbance. When the manager suggests that Craig should talk to their new dancer Maddison, he is shocked to discover that Maddison is actually Bethany.

Craig then has to listen in disbelief as Bethany explains she enjoys working as a lap dancer as it gives her a sense of power over men. With Craig appalled, Bethany tells him that if he can’t accept her job, it’s over between them.

Having reached a decision,  Craig calls at the lap dancing club and interrupts Bethany mid-dance to deliver his verdict. As Craig leaves the club, Bethany makes him promise not to breathe a word to her family. And when Sarah confides in him that she’s worried about Bethany, he suppresses the urge to tell her the truth but assures Sarah that he’ll look after her.

Bethany’s unimpressed when Sarah wishes Gary luck ahead of Anna’s court and when Sarah asks her to babysit so she can meet Gary for a drink, Bethany lies, telling her she can’t as she’s working at a Mexican restaurant.

Intent on putting a stop to any future relationship between Sarah and Gary, Bethany forms a plan with the help of her lap-dancing mate, Sam. When Sarah arrives at the Rovers to find a girl draped all over Gary will she fall for Bethany’s sting?

With Seb having done a runner, Faye is worried sick about him and Anna’s court case may have to be postponed.

Eileen’s unnerved when she receives a call from Anna begging her to visit again and Phelan watches as she sets off in her car. When Anna questions her about Seb, Eileen struggles to hide her unease and is warned that Phelan will one day, turn on her.

Paying Alya a visit, Eileen tentatively quizzes her about Luke’s relationship with Phelan. Unknowingly Alya says enough to put Eileen off the scent. Quietly relieved and now convinced of Phelan’s innocence, when Anna phones again, Eileen threatens to report her.

Anna calls Gary from prison and tells him that Eileen has taken Phelan’s side again and her only hope is Seb. Having been tipped off by Nicola, Gary finds Abi and Seb in a café and implores Seb to help Anna but Seb’s scared witless and reveals that Phelan killed Luke and he’s worried he could be next.

Stunned, Gary reports Phelan to the police for the murder of Luke and Eileen’s suspicions are reignited as the police take Phelan in for questioning.

When Anna’s trial begins, Phelan is called as the first witness and lying through his teeth he paints Anna to be the villain, making out she pushed Seb off his ladder as she looks at him with pure hatred. With Seb up next, whose side will he take?

When the police question Phelan about the night Luke was shot, he lies and says that he was alone at No.11. Back at home, Phelan tells Eileen it was just a routine enquiry. Relieved, Eileen admits to searching for a gun and confesses to going to see Anna in prison leaving Phelan furious.

Smarting over Eileen’s lack of trust, Phelan suggests he’ll move into Billy’s flat so a convalescing Billy (who’s in a wheelchair) can stay with Eileen. Eileen asks Adam and Eva to help with Billy’s care till he’s mobile. He agrees through gritted teeth.


Leanne takes a call from the school informing her that Simon’s has been excluded from school for selling vodka which he stole from the pub, and it’s left to her to tell Peter.

As they row over Simon’s behaviour, Toyah is shocked to hear that Simon has been stealing vodka and is left shaken after Peter is confesses to taking the missing bottle at Christmas. Confiding in Eva, Toyah explains how she’s not just angry about the vodka, but Peter’s been acting strangely for weeks and she reckons he’s hiding something.

Overhearing Carla reminiscing about old times with Peter, Toyah is consumed with jealousy and decides it’s time she engaged her enemy. But a row ensues when Michelle overhears Toyah telling Leanne that she can’t stand Carla and is only pretending to be friends so she can keep an eye on her. Peter assures Toyah there’s nothing going on between he and Carla.

And when Billy approaches Peter hoping they can bury the hatchet, will Peter agree?

Having not been feeling well, Eva confides in Shona who googles her symptoms and Eva is stunned when she shows her the result of her search.

Later, Shona calls in the pub and discreetly hands Eva a pregnancy. Having given Adam the brush off, Eva pulls out the test. She’s horrified to see that it’s positive.

As she goes for a dating scan, Eva discovers that she’s 17 weeks pregnant and confides in Shona that she’s  not ready for a baby. Eva calls in the pub with the intention of sharing her news, however Simon’s behaviour proves to be too much of a distraction.

Billy is told he can go home tomorrow, but is sad that he has nothing to go home to. Eileen lets him know that Todd has been in touch and that he and Summer are fine.

As he is discharged from hospital. Geraldine accosts him on the doorstep but Billy sticks to his story that he’s heard nothing from Todd and Summer.

As Sean hands over the lingerie samples he’s made to Aidan, he’s horrified to see they’ve been deliberately damaged. Sean later finds out from Hope that Ruby was responsible. Hope blames Ruby who denies any involvement.

When Tyrone finds out, he demands to know what’s going on. Hope blames Ruby who denies any involvement and Tyrone confides in Sean that this is just the latest incident involving Ruby and that he’s at his wit’s end.

Elsewhere, Gemma’s thrilled when she wins a night in a hotel and can’t wait to tell Henry. But he dampens her spirits, making out it’s his birthday and he has a family gathering.

And when Gemma wants to do something special for Henry’s birthday, Liz suggests throwing a surprise party at the Rovers as a celebration of his family history.

These scenes will air Monday 15th, Wednesday 17th and Friday 19th January at 7:30pm & 8:30pm on ITV