EastEnders SPOILERS: 13-19 January

Next week in EastEnders, the Brannings prepare to switch off Abi’s life support, Masood starts a new job and is Whitney about to leave Walford?

Desperate to find a way to save Abi, Max’s hopes are thwarted as the doctor remains adamant that there is nothing that can be done. Max resorts to threatening the doctor leaving Lauren to step in and offer her dad a harsh reality check. After resorting to desperate measures, Max’s family try to reason with him, remind him that this is not in Abi’s best interest. With Max refusing to give up, a nurse opens up to him and shares her own personal experience.


Struggling to keep it together, Max puts all his efforts into making a cot for Abi’s baby after Jay brings round a package that arrived for her. But when Lauren tells him that they’re needed at the hospital, Max insists on finishing the cot. Having finished the cot, Max is overcome with grief and destroys the cot just as Jack and Dot arrive. Will they be able to get through to him?

Reality sets in for Lauren as the day to switch off Abi’s life support arrives, but can Max accept the inevitable?

Following Tiffany’s revelation, Whitney tests the water with Sonia to see if she knows anything about what might be happening at home. Having postponed her trip to Wakefield, Whitney is stopped by Tiffany as she tries to sneak off to Milton Skegness. Remaining suspicious, Whitney calms Tiffany down and tells her she can stay.

Preparing for her move, but still wanting to get to the bottom of what’s happening between Tiffany and Bianca, Whitney is panicked when Tiffany runs off and finds herself in a dangerous situation.

When Masood asked to move in Mariam and Arshad, little did he know that he would have to pay rent. When Massod comes asking Linda and Shirley for an interview for a job at The Vic, Linda agrees to a trial, worried that Mariam might have told him what happened to Mick.

Ashamed to admit that his new job is in The Vic, Masood tells the Ahmeds that he is working in an Estate Agents but on his first day they kit him out in a suit and briefcase!

His first day gets off to a bad start after he learns that he’ll be washing up. Things don’t get much better when Shirley agrees to let him help behind the bar.

Telling him she’s had enough, Linda tells him she’s had enough and ends his trial… but not before he unblocks the toilets! But how will he react when he spots suspicious activity in there?

Elsewhere, Dot returns home and is intrigued to see the launderette has re-opened. Put out by Karen’s poor customer service, Dot steps in to help and without an advance on her pay, Karen continues to struggle to make ends meet. But she soon comes up with an idea. What could it be? And will it work?

These episodes will air Monday 15th (8pm), Tuesday 16th (7:30pm), Thursday 18th (7:30pm) and Friday 19th January (8pm) on BBC One