Emmerdale SPOILERS: 13-19 January

Following last week’s crash, things are critical next week in Emmerdale and there’s drama for the Dingles!

After confiding in Ross about the police finding a body that might be Adam’s, Moira is relieved when the police return with new information. Unable to live with her guilt, she waits for the police to leave before confessing to murdering Emma. Angry, Ross pins her violently to the wall until Pete arrives to stop him. But when he learns the truth, what will he decide to do?

When Cain pays Moira a visit, the two kiss passionately, but what does this mean for their future Harriet’s? Jumping the gun, Harriet tells Bishop Barry that she’s quitting before delivering some home truths.

Promised that they’ll be able to discuss revising the golf course development plans with the architect and lawyer at a party at Home Farm, Zak and Lisa are dubious but decide to attend anyway. The rest of the Dingle women also attend and it’s not long before the whole village is invited. As a speech gets underway, Debbie’s entrance wows the guests.

Whilst in the care of Chas, Noah and Samson sneak away from the Woolpack so that they can play with their VR sets at the Dingle’s. But when a bulldozer begins to make an impact on the wall of the house, will Samson and Noah be able to get out unhurt?

As Bob and Laurel try to be civil to one another, Bob’s delighted when Lydia persuades Brenda into planning her wedding. But he worries that she is not fully on board with their reunion and after she tells him that she’s trying, but it still hurts, he gives her the resized eternity ring.

Elsewhere, Marlon tries to be smooth around Jessie, Rhona drops Jessie off at Marlon’s for the Wrestling night and Rodney reveals he’s going on a trip.

These scenes will air Monday 15th – Friday 19th at 7pm and Thursday 18th January at 8pm on ITV