Hollyoaks SPOILERS: 13-19 January

Next week in Hollyoaks, Mandy catches Luke ruining her wedding dress, Granny continues to sabotage her granddaughter and Adam is suspicious when Darcy takes Toby out for the day.

Having been kept in the dark, Grace turns up in a sexy dress at Glenn’s building asserting her authority. But she is left humiliating by his condescending ways and by hiring Jesse as a delivery driver, she thinks she’s helping Glenn. When she finds out that she’s unknowingly put Jesse in charge of couriering drugs, she panics and Glenn threatens that Jesse had better be ok.

But what will happen when Jesse is pulled over at customs?

Will Courtney agree to Granny’s wishes and move back to Edinburgh? Or will Peri be able to convince her to regain control? When the social worker comes to check how she’s coping as a new mother, Granny sets Courtney up to fail.

Paranoid about the social worker returning, Granny encourages Courtney to go out with Leela to let of steam, unaware that it’s part of her plan to sabotage her granddaughter.


With Damon running away from the reality of Maggie’s Cancer, everyone’s impressed when Scott orders Damon to support their mum but will things change when Maggie reveals the real reason why she had to give Scott away as a baby?

When Nancy tries to get Shane fired from the school rebuild project, he takes great pleasure in telling her about Darren stealing from The Loft on New Year’s Eve. But how will Darren react when Nancy confronts him about the robbery?

In order to postpone the wedding, Luke destroy’s Mandy’s wedding dress and after finding out that herself and Darren need a £20k deposit by tomorrow if they’re to secure the deal on Nightingales, Mandy returns home upset only to find her wedding dress ruined.

Finding out what Luke has done, Mandy wants her and Luke to act like a loving couple so they can get Ella back, struggling to hold it together in front of the social worker she rushes out of the house.

After offering to fix her washing machine, Simone is suspicious of Shane and after guessing she might be suspicious he storms out of the flat taking with him a spare set of keys. When he later returns with Hunter to watch football on her TV, Shane accidentally spills beer on her speakers, as Simone returns home and draws up a list of ways he and Hunter can repay her. After refusing to do her chores, there’s a hint of sexual chemistry when Shane later returns to Simone’s flat to find her dancing.

Tom’s inheritance comes through and he flashes the cash in a sports car, which sparks Darcy’s interest. Putting her plan into action, Adam agrees to let Darcy see Toby unaware that she plans to run away to Florida with him.

Elsewhere, Darren and Luke meet Beryl who has information on Luke’s wife Scarlett and Ryan confronts Ste after finding out that he’s bought drugs.

These episodes will air Monday 15th – Friday 19th January at 6pm on Channel 4