Emmerdale SPOILERS: 27 January – 2 February

Next week in Emmerdale, Moira wants to leave the village, Rhona moves on and Brenda believes she’s found Bob’s other woman.

Moira struggles with her emotions as Faith invites Cain over to redecorate Holly’s room for Isaac. Downstairs, Faith admits to Cain that she believes he belongs at the farm with Moira and Isaac.

Later, Moira confronts Faith about her forcing a family dynamic saying she she wants to leave the village as she can’t forget Holly. When Faith tells Cain that Moira is leaving, he heads straight to the farm to speak to her, thinking there might be a chance of them getting back together. But as Moira tries to explain her reasons for leaving its clear there’s no further between them, leaving Cain hurt and he storms out.

Under the advice of Zac, who brings up his own regrets with Lisa, Cain doesn’t let Moira leave without a fight and arrives at Butlers telling her that if she loves him, she should meet him at the bridge at 5pm. Can anyone or anything change Moira’s mind? Will she go to the bridge at the right time before it is too late?

Realising she needs to move on, Rhona asks Pete for a drink and at the pub she thanks Doug for his advice, just as Paddy arrives. Oblivious to the fact that the advice was about him, Paddy sits down just as Pete arrives for his drink with Rhona. The pair continue to flirt as Rey head back home and it’s not long before they start kissing passionately and Rhona leads Pete upstairs.

Trying her best to make Paddy realise what’s going on, Vanessa makes it obvious to him that there might be a problem with Rhona. Wanting to know what she meant, Cain turns up at Tug Ghyll, refusing to leave until she explains what she meant earlier.

Vanessa snaps and tells him that she’s still in love with him and pleads with him to not let her get over him. But the next day, Paddy is confused as he spots Rhona leaving Pete’s house wearing the same clothes as yesterday. And when Rhona defends her night with Pete to Paddy, his jealousy might make matters worse for his own relationship with Rhona and Chas.

When Kerry receives confirmation from Fiona, the lady Brenda thinks is the other woman, about their meeting, she gives Brenda a makeover in preparation. There’s no going back for Brenda when Fiona turns up at the shop and Laurel walks in just as Fiona shares memories of Bob. Snapping, Brenda asks her outright if she’s sleeping with Bob. Fiona vehemently denies it but will this offer her the closure she needs? Laurel agrees with Bernice after she suggests to Bob that some marriage guidance might help.

After their trip to Paris, David and Tracy are all loved up and Tracy thinks it’s time to apologise to Priya following their recent fall out. David can’t find his phone as he heads off to a convention in Harrogate. When Tracy finds his phone she’s shocked to see a text from Leyla and almost confronts him about it but decides to initially, hide her upset.

Tracy asks a flirtatious Phil (the handyman) out for a drink and Vanessa is called to take a drink Tracy away. But Tracy isn’t having any of it and continues to flirt leaving Vanessa feeling anxious.
Tracy later reveals to David that she knows about Leyla, but will his explanation appease her? And why do we see a furtive Phil looking at a very old picture of a ‘younger Tracy’ on his phone? Who is Phil and is he to be trusted?

Elsewhere, Vanessa is on eggshells around Charity who then proceeds to wind her up.

These scenes will air Monday 29th January – Friday 2nd February at 7pm and Thursday 1st February at 8pm on ITV