Emmerdale SPOILERS: 5-9 February

Next week in Emmerdale, Ross is attacked, Rebecca wakes up from her coma and Zak is touched.

Ross is attacked in a case of mistaken identity.

Unaware that Graham is listening, Ross tells Cain that he wants out and when Cain lets Debbie know, she ropes a reluctant and unsettled Cain into helping her plant drugs at Joe’s party. When Cain buys cocaine from Simon, he offers him more money to plant the drugs at Joe’s party. Simon agrees but Graham is secretly watching.

Debbie’s shocked to learn from a battered Simon their plan failed and grabs her when she refuses to give him the money. Unable to let the issue with Joe go, Debbie approaches Simon and asks him to mess Joe up in exchange for the money.

Annoyed that Charity has taken Noah abroad, Joe tells Graham that they’ll keep Ross around as long as it takes to figure out what he’s up to and at Home Farm, Joe fires a seething Ross for being in league with Debbie. As he storms out, Ross grabs some car keys in the hall and outside Dale View, when Ross gets out of the stolen car, Simon runs up to him and throws acid in his face, leaving Ross screaming in pain after being mistaken for Joe.

Rebecca finally wakes up from her coma.

When Rebecca finally wakes up from her coma, Lachlan’s terrified the truth will come out. As she struggles to compute the information, Rebecca breaks down in tears as a guilty Lachlan comforts her and he’s relieved when she tells him that she can only remember being in the car and not the actual crash.

However, Rebecca later wakes up and starts shouting at Lachlan how she knows what he did and will tell everyone…

Harriet admits guilt as the village come together to see her reinstated as vicar.

Harriet is shocked to find Cain is being accused of bricking Bishop Barry’s car. When she admits it was her who threw the brick, an immediately guilty Cain tells her not to worry about it but Harriet wants to put it right.

As the village come together to support Harriet being reinstated as vicar, Bishop Barry refuses and Harriet later becomes suspicious of Laurel and Bob’s relationship. But will Laurel confess?

Gabby tries to manipulate Daz. 

As Daz and Bernice try to get intimate, they are interrupted by a disgusted Gabby. Knowing that he would want to get her on side, Gabby asks Daz to secretly buy her wine. And if he does, she says she’ll pretend to like him in front of Bernice.

Zak is touched by the kindness of the villagers.

Lisa is annoyed to find Zak and Sam trying to rebuild the wall, which then collapses on touch. Lisa tells Zak to accept they’ve lost but later, Zak’s touched when he arrives to find villagers helping to rebuild Wishing Well.

But who’s behind the kind act?

Jimmy receives a health scare.

When Dr Cavanagh tells Jimmy he’s got high blood pressure and needs to change his lifestyle or he’s at risk of serious illness, will he admit this to Nicola?