Hollyoaks SPOILERS: 5-9 February

Next week in Hollyoaks, Goldie returns, Myra has a decision to make and Imran’s anger towards his mum builds.

Goldie returns to Hollyoaks.

On Monday, Goldie returns to Hollyoaks to the news of Peri and Prince’s pregnancy. Furious at the mess that Prince and Peri have got themselves into. As a test, Goldie puts them in charge of babysitting Carmina.

Goldie’s arrival puts a smile on Jesse’s face as he panics about his court date for smuggling drugs into the country. However when he feels that he’s being used by Goldie for his money, Adam convinces him to follows his feelings and he later suggests to Goldie that they go on the run together.

As the McQueens prepare for Bart’s funeral on Tuesday, Goldie is torn over Jesse’s offer to go back on the run. After seeing that Cleo is struggling, Nana reassures her that she’ll always have her family around.

Jesse meanwhile, remains hopeful that Goldie will still go on the run with him.

Peri ‘loses’ the baby.

On Monday, when Leela tries to drag Peri home on Monday, she accidentally pulls her over which Peri uses an excuse to say she’s lost the baby.

In Tuesday’s episode, Peri continues to blame Leela for ‘losing’ the baby, she is happy when Prince still wants to be with her.

But she does start to feel guilty when she sees how upset Leela is and reassures her mum that it’s not her fault the baby has gone.

Myra chooses Sally over Buster.

Upset with Myra over her flirtation with Buster, Sally suggests to Myra in Tuesday’s episode that she move out.

Realising that she’s bored of playing silly games with men, Myra decides she wants something more meaningful with Sally and the two of them kiss.

In Wednesday’s episode, having spent the night together, they wake up all loved up and after hiding the truth from the Hunter, Myra makes a public declaration of her feelings for Sally in The Dog, proving her commitment to their relationship.

James wants Harry to change his plea as the pair grow close.

As Harry prepares to plead guilty to the murder of Amy Barnes in Wednesday’s episode, James encourages him to plead not guilty instead.

Thinking that Tony should hire him as Harry’s lawyer, Sami sends him hate mail in a bid to scare him into agreeing.

As they prepare for court, Harry suggests a future for him and James and in Thursday’s episode they kiss whilst Sami tells Ste about Harry’s change of plea.

Imran’s anger towards his mum builds during The Dog quiz.

On Thursday, Dirk wins over Imran with some old photography equipment, but when Yasmine suggests that her mum fancies Dirk, Imran’s anger begins to build again.

Irritated by his mum’s flirting with Dirk, Imran turns up at The Dog on Friday, where Misbah and Dirk are doing the pub quiz and spooks Dirk by telling him that Misbah thinks they’re on a date.


Cleo helps Brody out at the pub quiz and is on Cloud 9 when he asks her on a date during Friday’s episode.