Corrie SPOILERS: 12-16 February

Next week in Corrie, Bethany loses in love, Billy struggles to cope and and Michelle has some big decisions to make.

Bethany loses in love but sets Sarah up on a date

When Jess attends a disturbance at the lap dancing club in Monday’s episode, she is annoyed to realise that Craig is the culprit. She tells him she has no choice but to report Bethany for underage lap dancing. As Bethany is sacked, she blames Craig for losing her job.

On Wednesday, when Craig Craig arrives with Valentine’s roses for Bethany is it too little too late? Despite struggling with her own love life, Bethany suggests to Aidan that he asks Sarah out on a date.

Giving Sarah a makeover, Bethany tells her that she has arranged for her to go on a date with Aidan and Sarah agrees on one condition… Bethany has to make up with Craig.

Agreeing to meet him for a date at the Bistro on Friday, Bethany is left waiting for Craig and convinces herself that she’s to blame for the way that she has treated him. But with Craig’s OCD making him unable to leave the house, will Liam blab when he watches him perform ritual after ritual including checking switches around the house?

And when he calls Bethany to apologise, will he be able to tell her the real reason he stood her up?

Eva is thwarted by Adam’s plan

On Monday, Eva breaks the news to Adam that she’s going to America for 4 months to attend a beauty course and she is shocked when he tells her that he’ll come with her and ask Imran to look after the business whilst he is away.

When Eva says she doesn’t want him to come with her, he is left devastated and after finding her in tears, Peter tells Eva to make things right with Adam, much to Toyah’s dismay. But Eva is in for a shock when she goes round to his flat.

Summer and Billy struggle to cope without Todd

When Billy goes to Dr Gaddas asking for stronger painkillers, he is told he is on the strongest allowed and resorts to stealing Izzy’s painkillers from her bag.

During Wednesday’s episodes, Billy is devastated to find that Summer has accidently put the painkillers in the washing machine as she continues to allow her schoolwork to suffer in order to do the household chores and look after Billy.

As he sets about trying to get more from Adam, Eileen and Eva grow concerned for Billy’s whereabouts and call Summer. Fearing the worst, Summer risks getting a lift from a stranger in a car. Eileen and Eva are shocked to find a comatose Billy in the flat, along with a bottle of dodgy looking painkillers and Eva immediately suspects Adam. They promise to help him get better after he breaks down, telling them that the painkillers are the only thing keeping him going.

And on Friday as Billy’s withdrawal kicks in, Eva realises she is out of her depth trying to help him and Billy asks her to keep Summer away, telling her he has flu.

Gary keeps an eye on Phelan

Phelan is thrilled that the developer at the mill is planning to build ten more flats meaning money in his pocket and Gary is intrigued by his reaction.

Robert proposes to Michelle

On Wednesday, Michelle tells Robert they have managed to pay off their debts and as the runners cross the finish line in the Race for your Wife charity run, Robert drops to one knee and proposes to Michelle.

Will she say yes?

Michelle tries to reconnect with her son

On Wednesday, Liz is shocked to discover that the new GP trainee at the practice is none other than Michelle’s biological son Alex. She feels caught in the middle when he asks her not to tell Michelle that he is around.

But when Michelle has to go to the medical centre on Friday after cutting herself with a knife, she is gobsmacked to com face to face with her son! As Ali tends to her cut hand, she tries to ask him about his placement and why he hasn’t been in touch but he refuses to talk to her.

But after Robert tells Michelle she should try again and Liz implores Ali to go and see his mum, will mother and son be reunited?

Carla plays cupid

Daniel breaks the news to Carla on Friday that he is still in love with Sinead. When she asks Sinead to come and see her in hospital, she tells her that Daniel is still in love with her and surprises her with a plan to get him back.


Sally and Tim break the news to Rosie and Sophie that they are moving away from Weatherfield, Shona is annoyed to be left looking after the kids whilst David goes training (and drinking) with Josh and Tyrone and Sean are mistaken for a couple on a night out!