EastEnders SPOILERS: 12-16 February

Next week in EastEnders, Abi is laid to rest, Masood perfects his auntie’s samosas and Vincent reveals the truth to Kim about his financial situation.

​Abi is laid to rest and Max is determined to say goodbye

On Monday, Max is confused when Jay tells him that the reason there’s a delay in the arrangements for Abi’s funeral is because he’s yet to receive the paperwork. Sensing Max’s frustrations, Jack distracts him by suggesting he goes through Abi’s post and Robbie visits with something of Abi’s.

Realising the significance of how badly he failed her as a father, Max rushes to the parlour to see Abi’s body and when Lauren and Jack arrive, Lauren is left to drop the bombshell that Abi’s funeral happened without him. Left in pieces, Max interrogates Lauren on Tuesday’s episode but when she hits back, he drunkenly confronts Jay who refuses to reveal where Abi was buried.

As Jay tries to stop Max from driving away, Mick steps in and takes his keys away. As he calms down, Max tells Lauren he’s going away for a few days and understands their decision. But when he starts asking about the ceremony, Lauren panics and Max realised that the funeral hasn’t happened yet and they just don’t want him there.

During Thursday’s episode, Max demands to know when the funeral is but Lauren stands her ground and says that Tanya won’t go to the funeral if he does. This doesn’t stop Max from pushing and Lauren snaps, warning him that he’ll lose her too if he attends. What will Jay do when he spots a disheveled Max out in the cold?

Friday is the day of Abi’s funeral and as the residents of Albert Square prepare to say their farewells, Max hasn’t given up on saying goodbye to his daughter.

Masood pushes his luck at the chippy

With Mariam’s help, Masood is able to replicate her samosas and plans to sell them in the chippy in Monday’s episode but Kathy makes this very difficult by insisting that she keeps an eye on him. But with the help of Tiffany and Bernadette, he manages to get rid of her and he puts his plan into action. But when Kathy returns, she is furious to realise what he has been up to!

As Mariam encourages Masood to go back to work on Tuesday, he arrives only to be told by Kathy that he’s been fired. After some negotiating, Kathy agrees to Masood’s idea which gives him until the end of the week to prove he can make a profit from his sales.

And as the rivalry heats up between Masood and Kathy during Thursday’s episode, who will come out on top?

Vincent comes clean to Kim

Clear that Aidan’s getting impatient, Vincent demands the estate agent pulls out of the sale and goes with a quicker buyer. When he returns home in Monday’s episode, he struggles to hold it together when he finds out that Kim has hired Karen as their new cleaner.

When Vincent meets with Aidan to tell him about the sale, he is taken back when he demands a down payment in the meantime. Returning home to a room full of new purchases by Kim, Vincent finally snaps and reveals the truth, that they are broke.

Deciding to take matters into her own house on Tuesday, Kim tells Vincent that she’s applying for a loan. And Patrick advises Kim to go easy on Vincent. With Patrick’s words on her mind, Kim attempts to prepare a romantic meal for her husband and she soon gets him to admit that he has got himself in trouble with the wrong people. But when Kim suggests selling her engagement ring, Vincent refuses and Kim storms off.

And on Thursday, with Karen babysitting Pearl, Vincent heads out to find Kim and when the pair finally talk, Kim reveals she has a plan to help their financial situation. Once Vincent agrees to stop getting involved with the wrong people, Kim reveals her plan. But will it help?

Halfway still has feelings for Whitney

On Tuesday, Tina realises Halfway still has feelings for Whitney and when he receives what he believes to be a card from her, he works with Linda to prepare a romantic surprise for her. When she arrives she is taken aback by the gesture.

Halfway realises he’s outstayed his welcome at The Vic but as he goes to leave during Thursday’s episode, Whitney catches him messing with the money in the till. Assuming he is stealing and confused by her feelings for Halfway, she asks him to stay for a drink.

And on Friday, Linda realises that Halfway has left his bag behind and Whitney hopes to track him down but has no luck.

Donna comes up with a Valentine’s Day scam

Donna tries to talk to Jay on Monday about advertising for new housemate, after the landlord demands the rent. Desperate to make money, Donna comes up with a plan to sell fake roses for Valentine’s Day. She tells Robbie all about it and enlists his help in pulling off the scam.

And on Thursday, having spent the night together, Robbie touches a nerve with Donna and the pair fight. However the two soon make it up when Donna apologises in her own way.