Emmerdale SPOILERS: 12-16 February

Next week, Wendy Craig makes her Emmerdale debut as part of Sandy’s exit storyline and could Robron be back on?

Sandy receives a visitor

Next week sees Wendy Craig make her first appearance in Emmerdale as Maisie, a lady who we first meet getting off a tour bus and heading straight for Mulberry Cottage.

When she meets Sandy, she tells him that she’s there on behalf of her friend Betty Eagleton and gives him some gifts sent from Betty. As sparks fly between the two in the Woolpack, Maisie misses the tour bus out of the village so has no choice but to extend her visit.

Having the time of his life, Sandy does his best to hide his disappointment when Maisie tells him that she’s leaving tomorrow. As Maisie hands him an envelope with tickets to Australia, Sandy, feeling all emotional, wonders what to do.

On Friday, Laurel learns Maisie is leaving that afternoon and is suddenly struck by an idea. Can she convince Sandy?

Bob makes a decision regarding his future

When confronted by Harriet about her and Bob, at first Laurel says she wants to pretend it didn’t happen but eventually she confesses everything, including how she still has feelings for Bob. Bob is left feeling wretched when Laurel confesses that she’s told Harriet everything.

Under Harriet’s advice, can Bob work up the courage to come clean to Brenda and decide what he wants?

The next day, Brenda’s growingly concerned when Bob is nowhere to be found and feeling something is not right, she worries to Bernice, Harriet and Laurel that Bob has left her. Meanwhile, Bob emerges from an unfamiliar pub and asks a stranger for directions.

Later at home, Laurel watches the video of Ashley giving advice regarding whomever she’s with next. Just as the memories of Ashley are flooding back Bob walks in and says he’s realised he doesn’t want Brenda, he wants Laurel and he’s sure she feels the same.

But will Laurel agree and where will it leave Bob and Brenda?

Aaron and Robert get close again

Next week it looks as though Aaron and Robert may be heading for a reunion as Robert struggles to cope with Seb and the pair get closer.

When Robert tells Aaron that he wants to prove he can step up to the plate with the child, Aaron agrees to look after Seb for him. But when Alex wants to spend the day with Aaron, he lies to him telling him he’s busy. Alex is later hurt to realise what Aaron’s done.

The following day, Aaron and Robert get close again when he helps him prepare the valentine meal he’s cooking for Alex and the two of them share a moment. As they hold each other’s gaze, they almost kiss. But with Aaron still dating Alex will anything happen with the pair?

Jacob is chuffed to think Liv likes him

Jacob doesn’t know that when Liv asks him to meet her and Gabby at the pavilion that she’s asking on Gabby’s behalf and is chuffed to think Liv likes him.

At the pavilion, Gabby and Liv wait for Jacob. As Liv tries to tell Gabby about her asexuality, she reckons Liv just being picky but Liv is heartened to have her support none-the-less.

But will Liv get the wrong end of the stick?


Tracy is concerned about the flowers she thinks have been sent by Phil and following last week’s devastating attack, Ross and others struggle to deal with what happened.

Cain tells Debbie that she needs to go and visit Ross, but Graham suddenly barges in and tells them he know they were behind the attack. And Cain looks like he means business when he tells Debbie he’s going to take care of Simon.