Hollyoaks SPOILERS: 12-16 February

Next week in Hollyoaks, Maxine looks to the future, Alfie is upset and Cleo tricks Joel.

​Myra pretends to read Maxine’s future

Struggling with ideas, Adam is on a mission on Monday to win Maxine Maxine and she is insulted on Wednesday when he gives her a Valentine’s Day card. And with Myra pretending to be a fortune teller, Glenn pays her to convince Maxine that she should be with Adam.

On Thursday Maxine agrees to go on a date with Adam and on Friday Grace confides in Maxine that she thinks Glenn is having an affair and she’s going to find out who with.

Also on Thursday, Sally confides in Marnie about her relationship worries with Myra but Marnie gets the wrong idea and Myra’s gesture ends in disaster.

Alfie is upset when Milo dismisses his way of dealing with grief

Milo helps Alfie fundraise to save the Cancer ward at the hospital on Tuesday, but Alfie is still struggling with the loss of Jade. On Wednesday, Marnie and Ellie are concerned by Alfie’s erratic behaviour,  but he manages to convince them that he’s fine, for now, as he begins the process of making a Jade inspired robot.

On Thursday, Milo urges Alfie to tell him what he’s up to but is stunned by what he discovers and tries to make Alfie see that his Jade Bot isn’t the right way to deal with his grief.

Cleo tricks Joel into believing she’s in trouble

On Monday, Cleo finds out that Pete is going on day release and wants Brody’s help. But he feels completely out of his depth which prompts Cleo to binge on food. As she searches for the address of where Pete will be, will she go to see him?

On Tuesday, Sienna reveals that she wants Joel and Maxine to be parents to Sebastian when she’s gone but she’s stunned when the oncologist tells her that she’s in remission. Elsewhere, Brody is worried when he finds out that Cleo is planning to visit Pete and tells Joel. Cleo is overwhelmed when Joel comes to her rescue and tries to kiss him. And during Wednesday’s episode, she gets all giddy when she receives a text from Joel asking to meet up.

Later, Cleo goes back to see Sienna and warns her that she’s going to fight to get Joel back. As they go to war on Thursday to win Joel for themselves, Cleo dolls herself up and calls Joel for help when her car ‘breaks down’.

Suspicious of Sienna, Cleo and tells Joel her concerns in Friday’s episode.

Sami comes clean about James

The Maaliks can’t believe what they’re hearing on Monday when Sami tells them about James setting up their father. In order to make himself feel better, James hooks up with Kyle and the Maaliks are disgusted that Sami has kept this from them for so long.

But what shocks Farrah further, is the news that Kim knew about his vendetta and didn’t cheat on her as she was once led to believe. And as Misbah tries to build bridges with Imran, he blames her for not believing his father and on Tuesday Farrah is on a mission to find Kim.

Following their night together, Kyle is defeated when James refuse to spend any time with him.

Granny continues to sabotage Courtney

Granny Campbell continues to sabotage new mum Courtney on Thursday, suggesting that she might have post-natal depression and Granny is pleased on Friday when she finds Courtney searching for the symptoms.

Despite Farrah reassuring Courtney that help is available for her, Granny makes Courtney feel worse again.