EastEnders SPOILERS: 19-23 February

Next week in EastEnders, Martin and Stacey continue to argue, Vincent struggles to sell The Albert and a visitor arrives in Walford for Shirley.

There have been a number of schedule changes for EastEnders in this week. There will be no episode on Monday, instead there will be an extra episode on Wednesday and an hour-long episode on Thursday.

Martin & Stacey still don’t see eye-to-eye

At the start of the week, with Magic Marv performing in the Community Centre, Martin uses this as an opportunity to suggest to Stacey a family day out. She agrees.

As if Magic Marv offending everyone there wasn’t enough, Martin storms off after learning that Stacey also invited Kush and finds himself in an argument with Magic Marv which Stacey sees. Still not seeing eye-to-eye, Martin returns home and tells Sonia he wants a divorce from Stacey.

On Wednesday he tells Sonia that he’s emailed the solicitor but when Stacey comes over to apologise they come to an agreement about the children he has a change of heart. But with the email already sent, Martin rushes to try and delete it but Stacey catches him in the act. Martin apologises, telling her that he doesn’t want to involve lawyers and believing everything is OK, tells Bex the good news.

But on Thursday as Martin works on the Market, he is taken back when Hayley shows an interest in him. ​Martin puts Sonia’s doubts over Stacey’s childcare plan do one side and goes to spend time with the children.

He is taken back when Kush arrives to collect Arthur at the same time but the pair head to the café together where they bump into Hayley. Kush senses that Hayley has a thing for Martin and leaves them to get to know each other but when Stacey arrives and spots her kissing him on the cheek, she grows irritated that Martin is moving on.

Vincent struggles to sell The Albert

It’s Pearl’s birthday on Tuesday and wanting to give her the perfect day, Kim and Vincent take her to see Magic Marv.

When the sale of The Albert falls through, Vincent tries to find Kim’s ring to sell but when he can’t find it he immediately points the finger at Karen and confronts her. With his pride hurt, he tells Kim that he’s throwing Pearl a party tomorrow.

As he prepares for the party on Wednesday, Vincent’s mind is elsewhere when Aidan gives him until tomorrow to get the money. Whilst Vincent does all he can to sell The Albert, Kim finds out that he has missed the latest payment on the mortgage and confronts him about it. Lying, Vincent reassure her by lying to her, saying that they’ll soon have the money from the ring.

Assuming it’s just an issue with the tax man, Donna tries to talk to her brother and offers him advice. When the topic of Vincent’s dad comes up, he leaves a letter for Kim and goes.

On Thursday, as Vincent goes to flee the Square, he receives a call from the estate agent revealing they have a buyer who can pay by tomorrow. With hope restored, Vincent gets everything ready for the possible buyer.

Tina’s upset over Zsa Zsa’s latest move

Hungover, Tina wakes up on Tuesday to find she got a tattoo with a mystery man the night before and it doesn’t take her long to realise it was Magic Marv. At the café, Kathy sternly offers her some advice about her behaviour but when Tina spots an unwell pregnant customer, Georgi, she rushes to her aid.

She’s confused when she later spots Shirley giving Georgi money in The Vic. As Tina tries to get to the bottom of what’s going on, Georgi realises Tina is Zsa Zsa’s mum and shares some harsh words.

Tina is upset to hear that Zsa Zsa has asked Shirley to look after her friend, Georgi, instead of her but tries to make things right by opening up to Georgi during Wednesday’s episode. When Tina learns that she has fallen out with her mother, she steals Georgi’s phone snd meets with her mother, giving away where her daughter is staying.

When she returns, Georgi panics to hear what Tina has done and rushes to leave. Shirley tries to calm Georgi down and stop her from leaving by admitting that Tina made a mistake. Overhearing what Shirley said, Tina fronts it out with Shirley who shares some harsh words leaving Tina upset.

Meanwhile, Shirley notices some suspicious activity in the men’s toilets and soon realises it’s being used to deal drugs and Shirley and Tina get an unexpected shock!

Bernadette obsesses over chess

On Tuesday, Bernadette is keen to play chess with Ted but when he insists she goes to school, she takes the board home to practice with Keegan. But the plan falls apart however when she believes Bronson has eaten one of the pieces.

When Ted discovers that his chess set has gone missing he storms over to the Taylor during Wednesday’s episode and tells Karen about what’s happened. Suspicious of what might be going on, Karen is left even more confused when she finds the missing piece under Bernadette’s bed

As Bernadette admits the truth to Patrick, he encourages her to tell Ted the truth. But when she arrives home to find Karen and Keanu making alarming accusations against Ted, she jumps to his defence and the pair play a game of chess in front of Karen and Keanu to prove he’s been teaching her.

On Thursday, when Karen learns Bernadette wants to start a chess club at school, she asks Keegan to take her out for the day and remind her of what it’s like to be a teenager.


Mick returns from Manchester and immediately clocks on to the suspicious activity in The Vic. But as he investigages, can he put a stop to it?