Emmerdale SPOILERS: 19-23 February

Next week in Emmerdale, Phil blackmails Tracy, Robron are reunited and Ross struggles following his attack.

Phil blackmails Tracy

Phil, a previous client of Tracy’s, uses his knowledge of her sordid past as a prostitute to blackmail her for money. She is horrified to receive a text from him asking for £1000, or he’ll show David a video of them together.

She steals money from Frank but can’t bring herself to to hand it over and sensing her desperation, Phil offers her an alternative way of keeping him quiet.

When David overhears Tracy booking a hotel, he suspects that she’s having an affair and follows her to the hotel. As Phil begins to take his clothes off, Tracy steels herself and orders him to get on the bed. But they both freeze as there’s a knock at the door and David walks in.

Robron are reunited

Robert is jealous when he sees Alex moving in to Mill Cottage with Aaron on their ‘wedding anniversary’. To forget about it once and for all, he goes out to a gay bar. Aaron worries when he hears that Robert is out and sensing that he might still have feelings for him, Victoria invites him on the big girls night out.

When Aaron arrives at the bar, he is crushed to see Robert getting a number from an attractive bloke and he’s surprised when he bumps into Alex. What will he give as his reason for being there?

To stop Robert from spotting Aaron, Bernice and Vanessa manhandle him onto the dance floor. When Alex suggests that they go over to the group dancing, Aaron admits that he nearly cheated on him with Robert and breaks up with him.

As Alex leaves, Aaron approaches Robert, but will he listen to what he’s got to say?

Ross struggles following his acid attack

Ross in in a dark place in hospital and rages to Pete how he wishes Emma had shot him instead. Pete tells him he loves him as he leaves, but he’s filled with worry for his brother.

Stumbling upon an intruder at the garage, Dan pins him up against the wall, and when he removes his hood he’s shocked to find out that it’s Ross who has discharged himself from hospital.

Suddenly aware he’s out in public, Ross struggles to contain his anxiety as he feels people staring and Pete and Debbie are worried when he tells them he’s determined to find who attacked him.

Pete tries to sympathise with his brother but is left frustrated by his self-destructive attitude.


Laurel arranges a video call to the Woolpack and Sandy Thomas makes a final toast as he says his goodbyes.

Lachlan’s guilty to see how much Rebecca is struggling with her injury, Chas has surprising news and Charity’s surprised to feel a stab of jealousy when she receives a selfie from Vanessa who is at a gay bar.