Hollyoaks SPOILERS: 19-23 February

Next week in Hollyoaks, Jesse gives his relationship with Courtney another go, tensions run high between Mandy and Darren and Ella and Leah break into the school.

Esther ruins Glenn’s ‘proposal’

On Monday, Esther catches Grace spying on Glenn and they both get the wrong end of the stick when they see him secretly talking to Granny. As he plans to propose to Grace, Glenn sets Esther up to ruin his romantic surprise proposal. Later, Grace encourages Glenn to propose again.

On Tuesday, Adam panics when he sees his dad getting into his truck with another woman and thinks Glenn is cheating on Grace.

As Maxine starts moving herself in to Grace’s flat on Thursday, Adam is wary of her and Minnie living under the same roof as his criminal dad. Wanting to build bridges with his son, Glenn offers to tell Adam the truth for every goal he scores in a game of father-son basketball.

​Jesse gives his relationship with Courtney another go

Granny convinces Courtney that she’s doing the right thing on Monday by agreeing to a child arrangement order for Iona. But Jesse is alarmed when Grace tells him what Courtney and Granny are planning and finds evidence to prove that Granny is setting Courtney up.

As Courtney and Jesse decide to be together, Jesse gets a call from Goldie on Tuesday wanting him to visit her in prison. And as Jesse prepares for his drugs trial on Wednesday, Glenn lies to Adam about the mystery woman in his truck.

During his visit, Jesse tells Goldie that he loves Courtney, but will she convince him to choose her?

Tensions run high between Mandy and Darren as Jack collapses and the restaurant opens

On Monday, Jack helps Darcy to build bridges with Toby and it works after he reveals that he wants to spend more time with his mum. When Jack collapses with chest pains, Darcy rushes to his aid. On Tuesday, following his heart attack, Jack is told in hospital that he’s too fragile to have a heart bypass and goes missing and on Wednesday she tells him that she confirmed a wedding venue for them.

Following Jack’s collapse, Darren is distraught and kisses Mandy before telling her that they can’t carry on their affair and she needs to stop texting him.  As Nancy, Darren, Luke, Mandy, Tony and Diane prepare for the restaurant launch on Thursday, Darren and Mandy find it awkward being around each other and on Friday, Mandy finds out from Nancy about Darren and Sienna’s past.

As the restaurant officially opens on Friday, Leela is drinking to forget the pain of missing Peri and when Darren tries to take her home, she makes a pass at him which infuriates an already jealous Mandy. When Louis arrives to take Leela home, she tries to kiss him.

Ella and Leah break into the school

On Thursday, will Ella and Leah find Kim when they break into the abandoned school?  When Leah returns to the school with Charlie on Friday, they knock on the storeroom door with Kim behind it

Furious that Leah has gone to the dangerous building site, Ste takes Farrah with him as they head inside to find Leah. How will Kim react when she hears Farrah’s voice? Also on Friday, Leah inserts a sim card she found in the building site into her phone, but is shocked by what she sees when it loads.