Corrie SPOILERS: 26 February – 2 March

Next week in Corrie, Billy has a big decision to make, Bethany upsets everyone and and Fiz makes her return to the cobbles.

Billy has to make a decision about Summer

When Billy gets called to the school to talk about Summer, he finds Geraldine outside the school who tells him that the school have been keeping her informed about how Summer is struggling with her school work. Suffering withdrawal symptoms, Billy eventually gives in to Geraldine and allows Summer to go and stay with her, even though this isn’t what Summer wants.

As Billy reaches his lowest point, he meets Lee at the church and offers his Todd’s pocket as payment for methadone. Will Lee come up with the goods?

A groggy Billy and Lee wake up in Billy’s flat and whilst they are out, Summer returns and is shocked at the state of the flat. When they return, she hides, before confronting Billy about what he is doing. With no one else to turn to, an upset Summer visits Phelan and tells him everything. Phelan promises he will help her sort it out.

When Billy goes missing, Geraldine calls at Eileen’s and asks to see Summer but she is asked to leave, as Eileen tells her that Summer is staying where she is.

Zeedan forces Kate closer to Sophie

Zeedan takes Yasmeen’s advices and confides in Alya about Rana. When Zeedan overhears Phelan telling Kate that they need to find a new tennant, he suggests to Sophie that she should offer to move in. Despite not wanting her to move in, Kate can’t say anything as Alya says it is a great idea.

Pleased that his plan worked, Zeedan wastes no time in telling Rana, knowing how much it will upset her. But when Kate plucks up the courage to tell Sophie that she has had a change of heart as it’s too soon, will Kate and Rana  be able to stay away from each other?

Meanwhile, Imran tells Rana that if she goes along with her parents’ plan it will destroy her and as Zeedan confides in Leanne that he still loves Rana, she tells him he will find love again and seeing how upset he is, agrees to stay for dinner.

Concerned that Zeedan is continuing to drink she is shocked when he makes a pass at her and as Zeedan chases Leanne down the street apologising, Kate watches on with interest. When she tells Rana what she saw, Rana’s not surprised and comes clean about their marriage being purely a financial arrangement.

As the pair have a heart-to-heart and declare their love for each other, how will Zeedan react when he finds them together? Oblivious to the whole thing, Sophie confides in Sally that she is really falling for Kate.

Bethany struggles to cope and Craig’s OCD continues

Maria questions Liam about playing with electrical sockets at school and is baffled when he says he is trying to keep people safe like Uncle Craig.

After getting a haircut from Bethany, Brian lets slip to Audrey that her lap dancing colleague Sam paid her a visit at the salon. Later, after offending a customer at the salon Bethany overhears Audrey, Craig and David discussing her behaviour and storms off. Angry with Craig she rings Sam about auditioning for the new lap dancing club.

As Bethany resigns from the salon, she returns to lap dancing and back at the club the new manager makes her wear a skimpy bikini which she refuses to do. Things get out of control when a rowdy stag do get hands on and Bethany lashes out with a bottle when she spots the groom and gets flashbacks to Nathan. The police are called and Bethany is arrested.

Realising his watch has stopped, Craig’s OCD kicks in and he cannot leave the salon flat until the time reaches an even number. When Maria talks to Beth about his behaviour, Beth says he is just safety conscious.

After being quizzed by the police, Bethany confides in Sarah that she’s worried that she had some sort of psychotic episode, thinking the groom was Nathan. How will she respond when Sarah suggests she gets more counselling? As Craig sees Bethany leaving, he blames himself for what happened and Beth can see he is anxious but is baffled when he says he is moving out.

Craig tries to reassure Bethany as she prepares for her court case, but as she leaves he gets anxious and his OCD kicks in again. Desperate to move out of the house, Craig is pleased when Kate offers him Luke’s old room.

Beth helps Craig move into the builder’s flat but when Craig notices Kate is cooking his OCD kicks in and he starts messing with the knobs as Kate watches on with interest.

Eileen tries to take matters into her own hands

After rowing with Liz again over Phelan, Eileen visits Nicola in hospital, but will Nicola be able to convince her that Phelan is not the man she thinks he is?

When Eileen finds Liz hiding from Moira in the Rovers’ toilets, they make amends and Liz suggests throwing a ‘getting to know Pat party’. As the plans get underway for the party, Phelan is surprised to get a visit from Mona. She’s there to deliver some worrying news about the Mill.

Fiz returns to Weatherfield

When Chesney leaves the kids with Gemma, Tyrone is angry but is later impressed by how good Gemma is with Hope and Ruby. Grateful for her help, there’s a moment between Tyrone and Gemma which is broken when Fiz returns.

When Fiz asks him how everything has been whilst she’s been away, Tyrone hides the truth and tells her everything has been fine.


Sarah and Gary decide to give it another go, Dr Gaddas tells Liz that Moira has won her tribunal and  Peter tells Toyah about Billy’s involvement in Susan’s death and Adam getting Billy hooked on painkillers.