EastEnders SPOILERS: 26 February – 2 March

Next week in EastEnders, Mick feels the pressure from Aidan, Mel re-opens the club and Martin introduces Hayley to the kids.

Aidan piles on the pressure as Mick and Linda take matters into their own hands 

The Carters are at a loss as to how to stop Aidan from continuing with his scheme with Mick taking matters into his own hands. Mick is forced to meet with Aidan directly after the dealer passes on a menacing threat from Aidan. A threat Mick can’t ignore.

When Linda makes a surprise return home, Mick and Shirley hide what’s been going on from her, but it doesn’t take long for her to learn the truth. And when Linda takes action, they find themselves in a worrying situation. As Mick tries to calm Linda down, their fear intensifies as Aidan continues to pile on the pressure. Asking Mick for a large amount of money, he reluctantly agrees knowing it’s hush money.

Unable to cope with the stress, Linda takes matters into her own hands and Mick is forced to make a brave decision after hearing what she has done. At the end of the week, the Carter’s problems grow worse when they are left fearing the repercussions of their actions.

Mel gets ready for the re-opening of the club

With the alarm in the club continues to cause havoc, Mel eventually agrees to let Jack take a look at it. When he does, he believes that there is nothing wrong and they both realise they’re not alone in there.

When Billy hears that Mel is looking for a new club doorman, he pleads with her for the job, so she sets him a challenge. When he completes his challenge, Mel offers him a job.

Hunter’s frustrated when Jack also offers to help Mel get ready for the re-opening of the club. As it’s the anniversary of Steve’s death, Jack reaches out to Hunter which touches Mel. But despite this, Hunter still wants Jack out of his mum’s life and as they unveil the new sign, Mel is fuming to see what Hunter has done.

Karen tries to tear Bernadette away from Ted

In the hope that Bernadette makes friends with people her own age, instead of playing chess with Ted, Karen enlists the helps of Louise, Bex and Tiffany.

However with Tiffany’s help, Bernadette manages to sneak off and joins Ted for another match. And Tiffany’s got a plan of her own as she attempts to play matchmaker with Louise and Hunter.

Martin introduces the kids to Hayley

When Stacey comes across a letter from Martin’s solicitor, he assures her it was sent by a mistake.

With Martin having Arthur and Hope for the day, he takes them to meet Hayley and despite Stacey insisting that they return home on time, Martin is swayed by Hayley’s influence and keeps the children for longer

But it all backfires terribly when Martin ignores her messages and calls.

Keanu helps Jay out at the Parlour

When the power goes out at the Parlour, Jay is in over his head and he is forced to asked Keanu for help. As he continues to help Jay, Aidan gives him a small box to hide in a coffin.

Fearing that Jay will find the box, Keanu desperately tries to retrieve it only to be caught in the act.


Kim is stunned when she realises that a bag Pearl has been playing with has the DNA results letter inside. As she waits for Denise, Kim prepares herself for both possible outcomes but it backfires when Denise gets the wrong end of the stick as Kim hands her the wrong card.

As Kim explains that she had a card for both outcomes, Denise decides it doesn’t matter and she doesn’t want to know.