Emmerdale SPOILERS: 26 February – 2 March

Next week in Emmerdale, Laurel and Bob give in to their chemistry, Chas and Paddy have a decision to make and tensions rise between Joe and Robert.

Laurel and Bob risk getting caught

Laurel is upset when Ashley’s window is smashed and after trying to help her fix the window, Bob can’t handle the chemistry between them and chooses to leave.

Later, after hearing about Jimmy reversing into Laurel with his car, Bob arrives at Mulberry certain that Laurel had died. As the pair embrace, they kiss passionately.

When Doug tells Brenda that he saw Bob heading to Laurel’s, she makes her way over and opens the door to find Laurel and Bob kissing in the kitchen. Completely oblivious, will they be caught in the act?

​Chas and Paddy have a decision to make

After overhearing Chas discussing her pregnancy with Faith the night before, Paddy wakes up hungover and feeling awkward. When Paddy tells her that he knows she’s pregnant they both agree that the best option is to have an abortion.

But when Paddy reveals that he secretly wanted to keep the baby, Chas is shocked but tells him that her decision is the same. Will Paddy come round to Chas’ way of thinking?

​Jimmy feels the pressure as tensions rise between Robert and Joe

Jimmy starts to feel the pressure of his promotion and wants out, but with Nicola planning an expensive holiday, Jimmy ends up signing his life away.

With Graham unimpressed by Joe’s plot to make Jimmy his fall guy, tensions rise as Joe confronts Robert about smoke from the scrap yard and Joe ends up losing a client.

Vowing to get back at Robert by manipulating Jimmy, Joe is confident that they will find dirt to use against Robert.

Priya is stressed

As Priya looks after Eliza and Anna, she flips and throws a plate of food at the wall when they refuse to eat.

Catching the plate, Rishi tells her not to beat herself up over it and she feels guilty for overreacting. But when Jai finds bruises on Eliza, he is horrified and calls an ambulance, worried she’s having another seizure.

There’s an awkward moment in Butlers Farm

When a flirty Pollard and Faith enter the sitting room, the last thing they expect to see is Cain and Moira getting it on on the sofa. Everyone’s horrified when they discover each other.


It soon becomes clear that Victoria and Robert can’t leave Rebecca on her own and Zak realises it was him that smashed Ashley’s window when he threw Tip’s ball.