Hollyoaks SPOILERS: 26 February – 2 March

Next week in Hollyoaks, as Darren and Mandy continue their affair, Finn returns to Chester wanting to go into business with Tony and Peri remains missing.

Darren and Mandy continue their affair

Needing somewhere new to go to continue their affair, Darren and Mandy use that The Bean after seeing that it has been broken into. Having spent the night there, they both return home making their excuses to Luke and Nancy about where they have been.

When Mandy sees Darren looking all loved up with Nancy, she can’t help but feel jealous and her heart is broken when Darren and Nancy decide to go on a romantic break.

Finn returns to Chester and Milo’s secret is in danger of getting out

Finn returns to Chester and wants to be part of Tony’s restaurant venture, he gives Tony a gift of a newspaper article from Tony’s first restaurant Il Gnosh which he places on the wall at The Hutch.

He is gutted to find out that Darren and Luke are already Tony’s partners and tries to take back the present and decides to go into business with Cindy instead. When they ask Tom for a loan to start their food truck, he turns them down and Cindy steal’s Tom’s debit card and puts a £10,000 bet on a greyhound.

When Milo catches her in the act, he reluctantly agrees to help. At The Hutch, Milo sees the newspaper article Finn bought Tony and is shocked to see his mugshot staring back at him. What will he do to avoid his secret getting out?

Darcy continues her seduction plan for Jack

Jack decides to take Darcy fishing after she lies to him about liking it. Suspicious, Nancy tests Darcy’s fishing knowledge but she is put in her place as Darcy is one step ahead of her.

As Jack and Darren get into another argument, Darcy finds Jack at home after having had too much to drink and climbs into bed with him.

Jack is shocked to wake up next to Darcy and she tells him that he confessed his love for her.

​Peri is still missing

With Peri still missing, Louis offers Leela £5,000 as reward money in the hope someone will come forward on her whereabouts. But Simone refuses to let him take the money from their joint account believing that he is in a relationship with Leela.

Taking matters into her own hands, Leela makes a video for social media which she hopes Peri will see.


Leah confronts Ste after finding messages from him on Ryan’s phone. But will she be able to keep their relationship a secret?

Scott catches Diane trying to cancel Lily and Prince’s wedding, Buster makes a breakthrough with Damon when he suggests they start a football academy together and Marnie confides in Simone that she’s scared of going to prison as her sentencing looms.